Friday, September 26, 2008

Red Cabbage Recipe?

While flying out to Rapid City, South Dakota the other day, I noticed my seat mate was reading a historical romance novel. I commented on her book by Stephanie Laurens (The Edge of Desire) and told her I also wrote romance novels. So, this started a conversation and we talked books for a while but in the end, we talked more about food.

I mentioned the cookbook I was working on, too, Family Stories, Family Recipes, and she quickly rattled off a couple of her family favorites.

One was for a red cabbage dish that her mother, or was it her grandmother?, who was from Sweden, used to make. It was pretty simple, she said. Just cut up the cabbage and cook it in a big Dutch oven with butter and brown sugar. She didn't know the proportions, it was just one of those things you know? The cabbage should caramelize and be almost crisp. Green cabbage won't do, only red. Some people in her family liked it and others didn't. It sounds yummy to me and I can't wait to try it out.

Anyone out there ever cooked red cabbage like this?

She also talked about a dish her daughter recently made by sauteing up onions in olive oil and seasoning with sweet paprika. Short and sweet and simple. Sounds interesting, too.

Let me know if you've made anything close to either of these. I'll do some experimenting and googling to see what I can find, too.

On my way back home later today from my work in South Dakota. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight and just being home to piddle in my kitchen.


Unknown said...

I've never cooked red cabbage. I make my mom's cooked green cabbage in a dutch oven with water, butter and salt and pepper to taste and serve it with cornbread muffins. Sometimes I fix pinto beans and bacon to go with it- or when I have it for New Year's I eat black eyed peas with it.

I used to hate it because of the smell. Let me know how that red cabbage turns out...I might just try that myself.

Haven't tried the onions either.

Heck- I'm still trying to think of a good recipe that has a story for your book. Ack! Just can't seem to think of anything that really jumps out at me cause a lot of my mom and grandmother's recipes are those known by heart and never really written down.

plus have had a lot going on around here- kids in school, I've been cleaning house, working revisions and having company this weekend.

Maddie James said...

Hi Taryn. I know what you mean about those "not written down" recipes. It's okay if you send something that is "a handful of this" and "just eyeball it and you'll know" kind of recipes. The stories are just as important as the recipe. I think there are some things that you just pull together, like meatloaf. I can make it every day for a month and do it differently each time. And I've never had a recipe. Not really.

I'll see how the red cabbage turns out. I think I might try to make some this weekend!

Oh, and I do cabbage and black-eyed peas on New Years'day, too!