Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Shoes, Room Service and Tacos

Today I did serious work. I'm in Abuquerque for a week long training where I am training teachers to do serious stuff. Like helping preschoolers get ready to read. How to do lesson plans that connect to standards. Involving parents. That kind of serious business.

So, I took this picture to document the seriousness of the occassion.

This is the kind of stuff that teachers who are no longer teachers but teach other teachers how to be better teachers do when on break. Guess which toes are mine?

But the real highlight of my day was--you guessed it, dinner!

I opted away from the crowd this evening and (gasp) ordered room service. This can be a bit tricky depending on the hotel, time of day, etc. I once got food poisoning from soup that came hours after I ordered it, which is a story in itself. I can still hear the security officer when he came to my room the next day, after learning that I had gotten food poisoing from their food. (I'd called to ask for a late checkout because of my condition, wanting to stay in my room as loooong as possible before my flight home, which was also looooong.) Anyway, I can still see the uniformed hotel cop, notepad in hand, staring down at what he was writing, saying, "And what time did you eat the alleged soup, ma'am?" "At approximately what time did you order said soup?" "And at what time..."

You get it. You'd have thought I'd witnessed a murder or something.

But this was not the case for this meal. See?

Do you see that taco salad? Man, was it huge. And fresh. No iceburg, here, but crisp mixed greens. Fresh quacamole, real sour cream, black olives, fresh everything. And that bowl of salsa? Yum. Fresh and housemade.

Huge. I told ya. Like a crispy tortilla taco boat.



Renee DeMarcus said...

Hi Maddie!
Oh man, this is so making me hungry!
I'm guessing your feet are at six o'clock, sporting the stylish black sandals and red polish.
Am I right?
Did I tell you I read your Red: A Seduction Tale? Loved it.

Maddie James said...

Yes, you're right, renee! how did you know? I do love red polish on my toes. :)

So glad you liked Red. I loved writing that story. Hm, a theme here... red, red, red....