Saturday, September 06, 2008

Still Cooking

You see, I have these apples.

Actually, there were more but I’ve already cut up the rest of them. They were sitting on the counter in the kitchen where I work with a sign that read, Please take. From my backyard.

So, I took. Not all, but enough.

And today, I look at them and think, “I need to make apple salad.”

Now remember, I’m cleaning out the fridge, right? I’ll be gone for a week or so. Can’t leave perishables around to rot, eh?

Well, I’m sure the apples wouldn’t rot in the fruit bin in six days but I decided to make apple salad, anyway.

You see, I’ve had this Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette hanging around in my refrigerator door and I’ve been dying to try something untraditional with it…like, not on lettuce.

Here’s my chance. Quick perusal again of the dwindling contents of the icebox.

Still some celery. (Oh, okay, I intentionally didn’t cut all of it up earlier because, well, I’d been thinking about this apple salad then, too.) Um, pecans. Yes, those will do nicely. And the apples. That’s enough. Nice and simple.

So I diced the celery and about five apples, and tossed it all with lemon juice for good measure. Rough-chopped about a cup of pecans and threw those in the bowl, too.

On to the vinaigrette. Hm. Is that really what I want here? What about…what about that tangy dressing I make with Miracle Whip?

Hmmmm…ponder, ponder….

Viola! I’ll try both. I split the mixture into two bowls and squirted about 4 or 5 squirts of the vinaigrette in one bowl. The other I tossed with my tangy dressing—you know the kind, the one your mother taught you how to make all those years ago? The kind that works for all things salad and then some? Some mayo, a little oil, equal part vinegar, and some sugar. DO NOT ask me for the precise measures because, heck, I can't tell you. It’s one of those eyeball things. Or maybe, it's a tongue thing. You’ll know it’s right when you lick it off your finger—if you pucker too much, you’ve got too much vinegar, so add some sugar. If it gives your tongue that nice, smooth tang, well, it’s just right.

Like I said, you’ll know.

Now, here I sit, with two different variations of apple salad. Which do you think I liked best?

You think about that while I consider how I am going to eat all this apple salad before 5 o’clock tomorrow morning.

You got any ideas, be sure and let me know.

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