Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Golf Comes to Town and Other Crazy Stuff

I know, I know. There are days I can barely eek out a blog and today, I'm overrun with thoughts and ideas. Never fear, I'll just post away in the hopes of appeasing the blog gods as by bloggeth run amok.

Did you know it's Talk like a Pirate Day? Well, 'tis such a day, mate. Shiver me timbers and blow the man down, but let's celebrate the day with...what say you? A book? How about two? Don't forget that my series, The Legend of Blackbeard's Chalice is chock full of pirate action, both modern day and from the past. They are time travel books, you see, with a smattering of suspense and a layer or two of paranormal. You can find The Curse and The Cult on and

And did you know that September 19 is like, really Talk Like a Pirate Day? That it's official and everything? It's true. I think it's been sanctioned and annointed as such. Anyway, these guys say so, so it must be true, eh? You can visit them at Looks like they've even written a book! Wow.

Then there is that other thing that is happening today. At least here in Louisville. It's a little thing called The Ryder Cup. A little thing that is not so little. And all for a little ball that goes sailing through the air only to land expertly in a cup in the ground. This Ryder Cup thing is all the rage here right now, since it's being played out at a golf course down the road. Just a little ol' competition between the Euros and the USofA.

So, what happens when golf comes to town on the country road that I drive each morning on my way to work?

This happens.
And this.

And I'm late for work. But at least today I'm driving to work rather than flying. Which brings me to this.

Yes, this is a hairdryer. A hotel hairdryer, as a matter of fact. One in which (sorry Sunbeam) is of very poor design. Why, do you say? It looks to be standard hotel issue, correct? Mounts to the wall, retractable cord, off the counter so no clutter there, next to the mirror, three speeds and temps, etc...

Wrong. This is not a friendly hairdryer. This hairdryer causes hand cramps like you would not believe.

Who in their right mind would design a hair dryer in which you have to grip the handle AND hold down the button to keep the thing on, all in one grip? That's right, girls, you have to grip and hold and style and fluff and not take your thumb off that button.


Without getting a cramp. For a woman with long hair and small hands, it is a nightmare. I can only say that this hairdryer--which is now my new pet peeve--had to be designed by a... (yes, you know what I'm going to say, girls) a man. No doubt about it.

So there you have it. My thoughts for the day. (smile)

p.s. Tell your friends and neighbors. If you come by and comment today before midnight PST on this blog, you might win one of the 5 ebook copies of The Curse or The Cult I'm giving away tonight. So go! Tell everyone now!
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