Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Bathroom Redo

This past week I've taken on a decorating project. Well, I say last week but in reality, I started painting a couple of months ago. At any rate, finally, my spare bathroom is finished! I'm pleased with the results. New paint on the walls, the frames, the bench and the basket.

What do you think?

The old vanity bench came from my parents long ago. Until the other day it was brown. Now it's whitewashed and weathered. I love that. Easy to do, too. On with the cream colored paint, then rub off some with a soft rag. Do in sections so the paint doesn't get to dry on you.

Oh, and I love putting to good use all those hotel products I collect on my road trips. Guests love them!

My son gave me those pictures (below) years ago for Christmas. Now they are spruced up with new painted frames.

Pictures of my kids over the years at the beach. The picture on the left, has the saying I referred to in a previous post. Look to the right sidebar for Featured Posts and click, "letting the chatter die down." The green pottery was from some belongings of my grandmother. The small peach colored pot is Navajo. I picked it up in New Mexico. The frames have fresh paint, too. The shelf was a discounted steal from Pier One!

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour!

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Unknown said...

Hey Maddie!

Bathroom looks lovely! What color is that you did the walls in?

I love the little vanity bench and how you added that extra special touch that gave it a completely different look.

Maddie James said...

Hi Taryn. thanks for stopping by!

Believe it or not, that blue paint came from the Oops! aisle at the paint store. You know, when the paint is mixed and it's the wrong color for the customer? I bought the gallon for $5. (frugal maddie here) It's a Glidden Latex Satin enamel and looks to be a combination of these three colors--if you believe the label on the lid--yellow oxide, thalo blue, and raw umber.

It is a very soft pale blue. I was paiting over off white walls (hadn't painted since the house was built a few years ago, you know, contractor off-white?) and when the paint first went on it was so light I couldn't even tell it was blue. But of course, it dried a shade darker and I loved it.

I was hoping to match the paint effect on the bench with the Pier One shelf. I think I came close.

I love to redecorate although it's a slow go with time and resources, but I hope to be able to share more ideas here soon, too.

I'm such a domestic. :)