Thursday, October 09, 2008

Close Encounter of the Hairy Kind

So what is this, you say, hiding in the grass?

Look close. Look very close, my friend, and tell me what you think you see.

Are you peering closer to your screen now?

I know you are.

It's there. Or should I say, HE is there. Sneaking under some grass as though to say, "Stop taking pictures of me! I've been traveling fast over rough terrain and you keep following me snapping away! Do you not realize that I'm trying to get away from you?"

Well, that conversation, of course, was only in my imagination. But maybe.

Have you figured out yet what this creature is? Perhaps this will help.

Oh, see him run!

See the big black spider run!

Running so fast I can barely keep up with him in my lens.

Running AWAY from me, thankfully, although for some reason I still chase...

Picture. Get the picture! I am on a mission now.

I have never seen one of these creatures before...not alive and in the wild and going about his merry tarantula business.

Yes, my friend, I had a close encounter of the hairy kind this week. It was one of those moments when you least expect something like this to happen -- and I had a half dozen preschool children around me and I shout and point: "WHAT. IS. THAT???"

I was brave. Oh, so brave. You would not believe how brave I was.

Omigoodness! It ran across the pavement in front of us and into the grass. Fortunately, as I was anticipating photographing preschoolers (who were like, oh, it's a spider, yawn) I had my camera with me. The thing ran.

I started snapping. (while simutaneously asking, "do they bite?") I was assured, no, but just the same, I kept my toes firmly curled into my sandals.

Just so you know, for future reference, that if you are ever visiting the mountains about an hour out of Shiprock, New Mexico, that these little guys habitate there.

I had no clue. But isn't he pretty?



Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I am never, ever going there. Not ever.

Jennifer Johnson

P.S. Good pictures though.

Maddie James said...

I know, Jennifer, I know! Big ol' spider. Ack!