Friday, October 31, 2008

Closing out Fall

It's Halloween. And, it's the last day of my favorite month of the year. I'm not sure where the month has gone. The best part of Fall is almost over. At least for me.

I love October. Mostly, I think, because it is a month of color. The leaves burst forth with a vibrant last glimpse of beauty before the gray of November. November is an okay month but when I think of it, I always picture it as gray. Bleh. Tomorrow it will be November.

Maybe I'm just in a funky mood. A gray mood?It's Halloween and once again, I'll not see the kids at my door begging for candy. For the past four years, I've been traveling on Halloween and have not seen my grandchildren in their costumes. I'm traveling this week as well, am many miles away from my home, and perhaps, this morning, I am simply longing to be there.

I'm such a homebody. Truly, I am. One would wonder about that in reality. Particularly if I told you that last year, I was gone from my home 33 weeks traveling for my day job. That's over 8 months out of the year. When I realized that a while back, it felt rather staggering to me. I'm not sure that knowing that even feels comfortable.

So, this morning, I'm eager to get home later this evening. I'll arrive much too late for Trick-or-Treat but I can only hope for next year.

Okay, so time to get out of the gray funk and get to the school where I'll be working today. With any luck, the kids will be dressed in costumes and that will give me a smile. Later, I wonder if the flight attendants will be dressed up. I flew home Southwest one year on Halloween and they were. We'll see.

Happy Halloween to all! How are you feeling today? I'm smiling because later today, I am going home!


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Jennifer Johnson said...

Hi Maddie,
I hope those school kids do dress up so you can enjoy their costumes.

I hope the flight attendants help you celebrate Halloween as well.

Blessings, sister,