Friday, October 17, 2008

In Search of Wine

Now, several of my friends and I are partial to Tequila. One friend, who shall go unnamed but her initial is M, is really partial to big margaritas with lots of Tequila. I won't mention her name, but somewhere in the archives of this blog there is a picture of her with a margarita as big as her head.


But this post is not really about Tequila. Or about M. It's about wine.

Wait. There is a connection. And the connection is...Agave.

According to Wikipedia: Agave is a succulent plant of a large botanical genus of the same name, belonging to the family Agavaceae.

In short, it is the plant that gives us our friend Tequila.

And, Agave wine.

So you can make wine margaritas.

What, you say, is a wine margarita? Well, I'll tell you. This past summer while in the Southwest, I visited two restaurants that had wine margaritas on the menu. So my friends and I are saying, "What the heck is a wine margarita? We gotta check this out." So, we did. We learned that in restaurants that do not have hard liquor licenses, just beer and wine, they've learned that agave wine mixed with margarita mix, add salt and line and pour into a lovely margarita glass, makes a nice, smooth alternative to regular margaritas. Actually, it was very nice for a summer evening dinner.

So, I came to really like wine margaritas. I prodded the server in the restaurant. I wanted to know more about the wine. She told me the name and finally, she brought me the empty bottle. I brought it home with me on the plane. See?

Los Cabos agave wine. A product of Mexico. Bottled in California. Hm. Should be easy enough to find, eh?

I've been in search of wine since June. I've visited the local liquor stores here in Kentucky--the big ones and the small ones. Finally, I learned (I'm not a big wine connoisseur so didn't know these things) that there are actual laws about shipping wines across state lines and what wines can be sold where, etc.

I had no clue.

Finally, a guy at the Liquor Barn said, "We have no Mexican wines." Period. I suppose perhaps that wine really isn't a big thing in Mexico. I don't know. But obviously, Mexican wines are not a big thing in Kentucky, either. (think, Bourbon here)

So back to Albuquerque I went. Checked out a couple of liquor stores there. What? They don't have it either? A couple of weeks ago, I happened to be in the Four Corners area. Should I dare try? No luck.

Sad, I headed home. I had so wanted to make wine margaritas for my friends one day -- here in Kentucky. I decided not to give up my search. Some day, I would find the wine! As God as my witness....

Then, this birthday thing came along this week. My friend and coworker, S, asked me to stop by and she gave me a card. Then lo and behold, from beneath her desk, she pulled out a bottle of...



I hugged it. Seriously. I know. Sad.

Here it is.


Pretty color on that wine, eh? My friend, S, and her husband happened to be in Santa Fe over the weekend and with a little digging herself, she found the wine. What a perfect birthday gift!

Thank you, thank you, S. Ya know what I like. :)


Magdalena Scott said...

What a very interesting story, Maddie.

...It was not as big as my head! That was a camera perspective thing! Seriously!

[Stalks off, muttering...]

Maddie James said...

M...? M....? Is that you?

Do you think I'm talking about you?

Oh, M, I was not going to divulge that it was you!

Perspective IS a wonderful thing. :)

maddie, the other M

Unknown said...

I'm a huge wine person myself. :D I am also vegan, so I am usually on the alert for wines that I know are vegan and get them often.

Sadly this means missing mead. Given agave nectar is frequently used as a substitute for honey, I wonder if you could ferment agave in such a way to produce a vegan mead?

Hmmmm. Your post got me thinking. Thanks!! :D

Maddie James said...

Wow, Adrianne, that's an interesting question. One I don't have the answer to but it sounds like you are into investigating that! Good luck. Let us know, huh?

And thanks for stopping by.


Corey said...

I was searching for where to find agave wine and came across this post. Hopefully I have better luck finding some in Baltimore, MD. After having this in Santa Fe I am craving it!

Maddie James said...

Good luck, Corey. My bottle, sadly, is gone. Devoured. but oh, what a lovely bottle it was. Now I'm in search again....


Anonymous said...

Looks like you can get it here - by the case