Friday, October 24, 2008

Kids and other updates

Wow, it's been a long week. And the weekend upcoming will be full as well.

It's 17 minutes after midnight on Friday morning and I'm just home from Phoenix where I've been for the day job since Sunday. The week was jampacked but good. Now I'm switching gears and on to other things. The job will not be on my mind for the next couple of days.

My son is getting married on Saturday! It will be a great day and one they have planned and looked forward to for some time. They are a little disappointed because, a) it's been raining and it was supposed to be an outside wedding, b) the tux didn't fit, and c) the flowers didn't come in so they are dyeing substitute flowers to match the decor. I think that is enough for one almost-married couple to endure. Here's hoping things go better from now on.

Good news! My dad does not have to have heart surgery like we thought. Some good meds with orders to watch the fats and exercise more, and come back in six months. The prognosis looks good. We are all so thankful.

And last, my daughter (the grown child who "doesn't have time to read") just called to say that she was on chapter 7 of A Perfect Escape which is hot off the press. I gave her one of my author copies last weekend. Her comment was, "Mom, I love it. This is just like the movie, Sleeping With the Enemy. You know how I love that movie! I can't wait to read more."

Sigh. Gotta love those kids, huh?


Unknown said...

Hope the day turns out beautifully for the wedding. Have a great time!

Maddie James said...

Thanks, Taryn! It's going to be a good an exciting day. I cant believe he's so grown up already!