Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Lesson from the Stars: Multi-tasking

See my horoscope for today.

October 11, 2008

  1. LibraLibra (9/23-10/22)

    You have been doing too many things 'on the go,' lately. While this might make you think that you are getting lots of things done, all of this running around could be distancing you from the real meaning behind what you are doing! You have to make more time, and you have to make it today. Slow down and pay attention to the task at hand, whether it's just driving to work, eating lunch, or going to the grocery store. This multi-tasking mania has got to stop.

I listen to my horoscope and today, as usual, it is right on track. Why do I do this to myself? In fact, at the moment I'm trying to check email and drink coffee and blog AND color my hair. Oops, it's been ten minutes, gotta go shampoo the dye out before it eats my hair....

Tadadadatadada TadadadaDA!tadadadada Tadadadadadada DA!tadadada Da Da...

Okay! I'm back. All Clairoled now and everything. Where was I?

Oh. Yes. Multitasking.

I suppose some level of multitasking in one's life is required and desired. In this age of technology we've all learned the skill. But what does it contribute to one's overall health and wellbeing?

I have to wonder.

I was told once by a medium that in a former life, I was a man who had too many things to do. He worried he wouldn't get them all done and was always doing so many thing. He died of emphysema, presumably before he accomplished all the tasks he wanted to accomplish in his life. This medium said that those characteristics of his life have been brought forward in mine. That when I get short of breath or my chest feels tight (and I sometimes do) I should remember this and basically back off.

I think about this from time to time. The horoscope today was also a good reminder.

I'm constantly thinking about and doing so many things. From day job to writing to just life and family in general, there are always things to be done. I sometimes long for the simpler life. Okay, I often long for the simpler life.

So today, I vow here and now, I will not multi-task from this moment forward today. I have one agenda item for the day/weekend and I will work to complete this ONE task before I attempt something else. Once started, no writing, no email (that gives me the shakes) and no other household tasks, etc....

What is that task? Organization. My office is overflowing and so are a couple of my closets, as is my garage. When I moved to this house three years ago this month, I was so proud of how neat and organized everything was. That was three years ago and a lot has happened in those three years. One, my daughter and her children have moved in and left again, twice. Each time they've left residual belongings behind.

So this is it. Today, things are put back into place. I have a plan. I will post progress later.

A question for you. Do you listen to the stars? Or a medium? Or your gut?

Another: How do you conquer the craving to multi-task?

I shall return later this evening after my day's work is done. I hope to hear from you.



Jennifer Johnson said...

Hi Maddie,

I'm always on a journey of one task piggy backing on another. The most peaceful moment I've had lately is sitting with a woman in a nursing home and talking about macaroni and cheese.

One task at a time is a gift to myself.

Maddie James said...

You're so right, Jennifer. We should give this gift to ourselves. I'm going to borrow your idea and give it to me. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Sunday!