Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reflections from The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks, Marilyn, for the birthday cake. But really, you don't have to sing for me.

No. Don't.

I mean, really, save that breathy birthday tune for Jack Kennedy or something. Believe me, if I wanted a celebrity to sing Happy Birthday to me it would be...oh, lessee...hm. Oh yes.

George Clooney.

I know. He doesn't sing worth crap. But he sure is purty to look at, you know?

Anyway, Marilyn, thanks.

And thanks, too, to all of my friends for the electronic and virtual birthday cards and emails. To my coworkers for taking me out to lunch. For my sister and son who both called to sing Happy Birthday to me over the phone. My daughter who said it first. My parents who sent the check (thanks Mom and Dad!) and all of my MySpace and Facebook well-wishers.

Whew. I think that about covers it!

That cake makes me think about cupcakes. Have I mentioned that the Iron Cupcake Challenge for this month is drawing near? The entries are to be posted by the 24th. I have to get cracking. I'll likely post my entry by this weekend. I have a conference to go to AND my son's wedding is the next weekend. Have I mentioned I don't have a dress yet? Well, I don't. Hopefully that will be remedied soon. Very soon.

So, the cupcake secret ingredient this month is cheese. Yes, CHEESE. I have my ideas and I'm not sharing them. Yet.

Other news? Have I mentioned that Maddie has a new book up on Amazon? What? I haven't mentioned that yet?

Well, I do. A Perfect Escape hit the Amazon virtual shelf this week (happy birthday to me, again!) This, sports fans, is a romantic suspense novel... A secluded beach. Some secrets. A sniper. What more could you ask for? Um, sex? Sure, there is some of that, too. So, go check it out. Just search the books for Maddie James. You'll find me. :)

More news? Hm. Keep in mind that this coming Saturday, October 18, is the annual Kentucky Romance Writers booksigning. I'll be signing anything and everything I have that is in print. We'll be at the Joseph Beth Booksellers store in Lexington, KY. I'll be joined by about 14 other romance authors from the region.

Now, how can you miss that, huh?

And no. I'm not telling you how old I am. You have to guess. And if you are right, I'll send you a virtual cheese cupcake. Seriously.

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