Saturday, October 04, 2008

What Romance Authors Really Do At Booksignings

Sadly, we sold no books today. Clearly, this "Shop with a Cop" antique car show crowd was not into romance novels. Sigh. We tried. Seriously, we did. But alas, we packed it in and just had lunch. Romance, evidently, is a hard sale to the wrong crowd.

But, our table looked pretty, didn't it? (even if my end was a bit cluttered, hm.)

And we did do a lot of other serious stuff. See Magdalena contemplating getting her lipid profile done? Just $25.
Of course, while people passed by our pretty table, we soaked up small town ambiance. It seemed there was a plethora of small buns around. Like these. (BBQ sandwiches, we think.)

And these.

They looked smaller in real life. Honest.

We looked at the

And hogs.

All in all we had a good day. We closed up shop around 12:30 and headed across the square to Christie's restaurant, where I had eaten once before, and where I was seated in exactly the same seat as then...and, where I proceeded to order the same "Quiche of the Day" lunch. Creature of habit. And my habits do not fail me. It was as good this time as last.

There was but one incident that gave me pause all day. While walking to Christie's and admiring the antique vehicles, I spied a truck full of produce. A farmer's market! I love farmer's markets and the vegetables looked so yummy. I stopped and turned to Magdalena. The conversation went something like this:

Maddie: Oh look! A farmer's market. I must take pictuures.

Magdalena: Oh, sure. (weird look on her face)

Maddie oohing and ahing and snapping pictures of this and that. See?

Sighing, Maddie walks away and says: Wow, wasn't that pretty? I love vegetables.

Magdalena: Yeah, sure. They were great. For plastic.

Maddie, halting: Plastic?

Magdalena: Um. Hm.

Maddie, turning back to look at antique truck: No way. They're not plastic.

Magdalena: Touch them.

Maddie, peering closer and realizing, it is a freaking display!: I am so gullible.

Magdalena: And I thought you were the worldly one.

Finally, on my way home, I realized that I had not one picture taken of me during the booksigning. So, I managed to snap this one while moving down the interstate, just to document this experience for the tax man. (yes, Uncle Sam reads this blog)

Disclaimer: The act of taking pictures while driving is not recommended. Do not attempt. Professional driver-slash-photographer on board (sorta).


Magdalena Scott said...

Sorry I couldn't take a picture of you for tax purposes, Maddie. I don't know what's up with my camera. Not good.

We should point out, I think, how grateful we are to everyone at Salem Apothecary for letting us set up on their sidewalk. They are such good hosts and hostesses, even offering to bring us hot chocolate or coffee this morning! Thank you, gang!

Maddie James said...

Oh, no problem Magdalena! I should have given you my camera to take a picture...and should have had someone take a picture of the two of us! My brain was not working. Must be that Diet Coke I spilled on the pavement juggling books and promo and other stuff... Caffeine deprivation.

And yes, thanks to the Apothecary! We had a great day and I hope the event was successful to raise money for the children.


Magdalena Scott said...

Hey! My camera has healed! Next time I'll take pictures, too!

Maybe not pictures of plastic fruits and vegetables...but they were really pretty.

Jennifer Johnson said...

You guys crack me up. You also give me a lot of comfort. One of my nightmares is doing a booksigning and have no one buy one. I think, though, if I had a good friend to share the day with, it would be all right.

I thought the pictures of the vegetables were lovely. What the HECK??? Why would they have plastic vegetables?? Were they selling plastic vegetables?

Please don't ever take pictures while you are driving. Don't do anything while you are driving, but drive. Just because you are a successful business woman flying all over the place helping out kids and also are a successful romance author (not counting the no sales today) doesn't mean you can always do two things at once!!



P.S. Do you really need a picture for tax purposes? Wow. I have a lot to learn.

Maddie James said...

Okay, well, the tax man comment was rather tongue-in-cheek. No, you don't have to photograph yourself at events--but a tax expert did tell me that a blog is a very good accounting of your promotional efforts for tax reasons.

Oh, and don't worry Jennifer, about the photo-taking via driving. I was really going VERY slow and there were NO cars around and I wouldn't have risked it if the conditions were different...and well, I'm a real chicken and not a risky girl at all!

Except, well, I do sometimes check email on my phone while sitting at stoplights.

But I'm not moving, right? :)


Anonymous said...


This was an awesome post, Maddie. Thanks for sharing! I loved the whole fruit thing! (LOL!)

You and Magdalena are beautiful (as always) and you both looked like you had a great time.


Anonymous said...


It sounds like a great morning. Don't worry about the sales, bet the people you handed promo to googled you--after the fact.

I've been to a signing with a group of authors and people acted like we were deformed. After the store had asked us to sign the copies left over, we moved on and hoards of people crowded over our books. lol I was even on line for the register with people waiting to pay for the authors' books that they hadn't come close to. lol

Besides, you and Magdalena looked marvelous!!!


Maddie James said...

LOL! I know, Aleka. I've been there, too. And yesterday, Magdalena and I noticed that women would walk by with their husbands (I assume)and glance sideways at us (you know, with that "dare I approach?" look in their eyes) and then walk on. Sometimes they came back, sometimes not. But there were several signed copies left at the Apothecary so it will be interesting to see if they are sold soon.

Thanks for dropping by. How was your trip?


Phoenix said...

Freakin' hysterical! Great blog. Next time I will have to find a way to be your roadie just to watch you two in action. :) :)

About those buns... Did you ask him to pose or did you sneak it? Gotta know.

Maddie James said...

Hey Kelly! Well...I was sneaky. He didn't know. But it was like, um, right there!

Photo op, ya know? :)