Saturday, October 04, 2008

What Romance Authors Really Do At Booksignings

Sadly, we sold no books today. Clearly, this "Shop with a Cop" antique car show crowd was not into romance novels. Sigh. We tried. Seriously, we did. But alas, we packed it in and just had lunch. Romance, evidently, is a hard sale to the wrong crowd.

But, our table looked pretty, didn't it? (even if my end was a bit cluttered, hm.)

And we did do a lot of other serious stuff. See Magdalena contemplating getting her lipid profile done? Just $25.
Of course, while people passed by our pretty table, we soaked up small town ambiance. It seemed there was a plethora of small buns around. Like these. (BBQ sandwiches, we think.)

And these.

They looked smaller in real life. Honest.

We looked at the

And hogs.

All in all we had a good day. We closed up shop around 12:30 and headed across the square to Christie's restaurant, where I had eaten once before, and where I was seated in exactly the same seat as then...and, where I proceeded to order the same "Quiche of the Day" lunch. Creature of habit. And my habits do not fail me. It was as good this time as last.

There was but one incident that gave me pause all day. While walking to Christie's and admiring the antique vehicles, I spied a truck full of produce. A farmer's market! I love farmer's markets and the vegetables looked so yummy. I stopped and turned to Magdalena. The conversation went something like this:

Maddie: Oh look! A farmer's market. I must take pictuures.

Magdalena: Oh, sure. (weird look on her face)

Maddie oohing and ahing and snapping pictures of this and that. See?

Sighing, Maddie walks away and says: Wow, wasn't that pretty? I love vegetables.

Magdalena: Yeah, sure. They were great. For plastic.

Maddie, halting: Plastic?

Magdalena: Um. Hm.

Maddie, turning back to look at antique truck: No way. They're not plastic.

Magdalena: Touch them.

Maddie, peering closer and realizing, it is a freaking display!: I am so gullible.

Magdalena: And I thought you were the worldly one.

Finally, on my way home, I realized that I had not one picture taken of me during the booksigning. So, I managed to snap this one while moving down the interstate, just to document this experience for the tax man. (yes, Uncle Sam reads this blog)

Disclaimer: The act of taking pictures while driving is not recommended. Do not attempt. Professional driver-slash-photographer on board (sorta).
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