Sunday, October 26, 2008

So What is, Life, Unedited Anyway?

Life, Unedited... unsliced, uncorked, unbridled, and unplugged. But definitely not undone.

A life is a terrible thing to waste, so I suppose, that is why I choose to live it. Whether bold or naive, I've jumped in the fray more often than not, sometimes to find I should have looked before I leaped, but often taking away lessons learned and savoring the experience for what it is.

Good. Bad. Or downright Ug-ly.

Regrets? I've had a few, but... (oh, that's someone else's line...) Anyway, rarely do I dwell on the mistakes, I do attempt to learn from them however, and always strive to move my life forward.

Unedited? Maybe. Edited? Thankfully each new day is a do-over. But the unedited stuff is sometimes the most fun.

So, join me in this unedited account of my daily life. Hang on, please.

p.s. So, see this blue-tongued girl up there? To me, she represents the epitome of Life, Unedited. She's my oldest grandchild, and without qualm or pause, licks blue-icinged cupcakes and happily sticks out her tongue for her Mimi (me) to snap a pic. No rhyme, no reason, no hesitation. Life. Unedited.

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