Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Days You Just Need Meatloaf

Last week, while I was wandering around New Mexico (okay, really, I WAS working, but wandering sounds so...nomadic) my friends and I had time to stop for lunch before heading to the airport. It had been a particularly hard travel week for all of us and the last meeting of the day didn't go so well. All of us were out for a satisfying lunch, come hell or high water.

Just outside of Albuquerque, we slipped through downtown Bernalillo and stopped at the Range Cafe. I'd been there once before and by golly, we found it and were able to get a table. (side note, there is also a Range Cafe in Albuquerque, too)

It was crowded, as you can see. Of course, this was the Friday of the Balloon Fest so likely there were some tourists in town.

Or, it could have been because the food is that good.

It is. That good.

Now, my friend, D, is a carnivore like me. J, is vegetarian. Still, we were able to find lunches that met all of our food requirements and provided the momentary comfort we sought.

D is a big fan of meatloaf. We tease her about it a lot. She doesn't eat anything she considers to be exotic and meatloaf is safe. If it's on the menu, we know what she's going to order. Me? I just love meatloaf, non-exotic, or no. I love it. And that day, I needed meatloaf.

So, D and I order the meatloaf. She gets the platter and I decide on the sandwich. All I can say is...

Wow. Get a load of that platter. Comfort food abounds.

And sandwich.

All the while J, is drooling over her vegetarian Reuben. Boy, does that sound like a contradiction. How can you have a Reuben without corned beef?

Well, here it is. With a nice big, fat green chili. Only in New Mexico.

Will I slip back through Bernalillo again for the meatloaf?

Definitely. Some days you just need meatloaf.
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