Saturday, October 11, 2008

Update: Solo-Tasking Result


Did I flunk Organization 101? Well, no, not yet, I think. Of course, I worked most of the day, emptied out 3 closets, and then began putting back together. Am I finished?

Um. Noooooooo....

But it's okay. I'll dig in more tomorrow. These things take time, right?

I did, however, get to use a power tool to install a new shelf. See?

And, I did get the garage cleaned out, organized, and swept. Yes! That has been nagging at me.

And...I managed to get one closet organized. If you had seen it prior, you would realize the accomplishment here. Just take a look at this mess of stuff that came out of the closet.

Now, look at this.
And this.

Cool, huh?

I think I done good. Now, back to it in the a.m.



Magdalena Scott said...


The shelves look're definitely making progress! The piles that came out of the closet were simply the storm before the calm. :)

When I first opened your blog page, though, I was afraid you had gone WAY the other direction. I thought you had multi-tasked so much that you'd accidentally left the electric drill on the fridge shelf.

But, yeah, that was a shelf in your closet. Got it.

Best of luck on it today!


Maddie James said...

No, no fridge. Although lately I wouldn't put it past myself do put something like a drill in the fridge, or the milk in the closet... They say the mind is the first thing to go...

But wait. What about my knees? I think they are already gone.