Friday, October 03, 2008

Who is Maddie James?

Maddie James published her first book in 1997, a Kensington Precious Gems Romance (writing as Kim Whalen). She has published six books with Kensington Books, a reprint with Thorndike, and currently has several books published by Resplendence Publishing on her current release list and more to come.

She has written a ton of non-fiction under an assumed name, hides two children's picture book manuscripts under her bed, and (gasp) writes erotica under the name of (sorry, that's a secret).

Oh, and then there is the cooking thing. Her first cookbook will be released next year and she has another few ideas in her apron pocket along those lines. Yes, she cooks. Among other things...

To learn more about Maddie and her romance fiction, please visit her new and improved website!

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