Thursday, November 13, 2008

Decorating or Procrastinating?

Last night I sat down to write, took a good look around me, and said, "This place needs an overhaul." As you may know from recent posts, I did an overhaul a few weeks ago on my office closet. That task now needs to carry over to the rest of the room.

It must be a trend, actually. At my day job, I'm moving my office to a slightly bigger one. So, I've spent some time this week cleaning and purging and giving away items and even brought quite a few personal items home--like books, a mirror, my tennies that I never use there, the handweights in the corner (same story), an extra lamp, etc... Even though I'm moving into a bigger office, there are leftover items from the previous tenant (which I will need in my job) that need to stay. So, time to purge.

Which means, I've brought home lots of "stuff" that needs to find a home here. Yehaw. Let's squeeze out some space. (um, take a good look above and tell me WHERE to squeeze it?)

Yeah. That's why I deduced it was overhaul time. The room needs a good cleaning and the stuff organizing and the walls painting. But tackle one task at a time, I will. Let's clean, first, organize next, and then paint. Or vice versa. We'll see.

I decided to move the couch OUT so I could clean around it and pull some other furniture away from the walls to clean, etc. Moving the couch OUT of the room was more of a struggle than I remembered when it when IN the room. But I managed and set it in the entry hallway.

Now, I have a pretty good sized entryway. It's long and wide and fairly empty. This is where the plan changed. My brain started spinning and all I could think of at that point was "nook." Could I make a nice little nook in my entry way? A place where this couch and possible other decorative touches could hangout while I'm cleaning and organizing and painting the office? Could, perhaps, this become a nice little nook that I might like to keep for a while?

I wonder...

I dug out some old pictures from the garage. I even painted one of the frames. I spied the birdhouse my son made in Boy Scouts years ago and snatched that. I borrowed a small table from the office and pilfered a lamp from my bedroom. I moved my grandmother's Plaster-of-Paris, cat-in-a-basket to the corner. I tossed the pillows and fluffed an afghan and hung the pictures on the wall.

I have a nook. Look! A nook! Can you look and see my nook? I'm thinking I should put a book in my nook before you look. Did you like to look at my nook?

Okay, enough of that. I loved making the nook. It was fun. It felt creative. And it felt a helluva lot like I was procrastinating from something...

Oh. Yeah. Writing. Deadline. Gotcha.

But the nook is great, right? Right?


Magdalena Scott said...


The nook is a winner! What a great idea.

And now that you have control over your house, you are ready to write.


(An itty bitty Christmas tree might be cute in the nook. Just a thought.)

Maddie James said...

Oooooh! I have an itty bitty Christmas tree... Nice idea!


p.s. and thanks. :)

james83 said...
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Unknown said...

Love your nook! And great idea Magdalena!

(BTW- what's up with the post before mine? spam?)

Maddie James said...

Thanks, Taryn! How is Nano going for you? I need to stop by and see your progress.

Yep. Got spammed. I deleted the bugger. LOL


Unknown said...

Well, as you saw on my blog- it's coming along. I'm less than 10K from the NaNo goal, though I still have a little ways to go to finish.
Thanks for asking!