Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Dusting of Snow!

It's here. The first snow of the winter. Cold and blustery are the only words to describe the day. But I managed to get out in my jammies and warm coat to snap a few pictures of this first snow event of the season.

The neighbor's wood pile.

My poor grill. (I still need to get that cover, Daddy!) Bye bye summer barbecues...

The phlox. See you in the Spring!

The mums on the porch. Hope you hang around for a little while longer. Some of you have not even bloomed yet!

But how exciting! I love snow! (as long as I don't have to drive in it...) What about you? Do you look forward to the first snow of the season?


Magdalena Scott said...

What is up with this? You got snow and I didn't? No Fair!

Magdalenaville wanted snow. :(

Maddie James said... was just a little snow...

But of course I had to make a big deal out of it. :)


Unknown said...

I look forward to it, but down here farther south in KY we don't see it near as often as I did growing up in Lawrenceburg. Boy I miss that!

Thanks for sharing it with us- might be the only snow I see this year! LOL (Keeping fingers crossed that's not the case)

L.K. Campbell said...

It's a little chilly here, but we don't get a lot of snow in N.C. We might see a few flakes but usually later in the winter.

Maddie James said...

it depends on the year here. we can sometimes have a very mild winter and other times, a doozey of a snow storm! Today I'm in the Southwest and it was 75 at the airport!