Sunday, November 02, 2008

An Enchilada Story

Imagine. You're in a meeting. It's not a bad meeting, really, it's going quite well. Things are running smoothly and you're nearing the end.

A knock comes on the door. Someone gets up. Someone else enters the room. And suddenly....

A wonderful smell wafts toward your nose and...well...ah, you really do try to tend to the end-of-meeting business but your growling tummy and the growing hint of spice and meat and cheese and tortilla takes your mind away.

Corn tortillas, ground beef, green chilies and cheese...oh, yum. And a perfect end to a very nice meeting. This can only happen in New Mexico. Thanks to the team at the school (you know who you are, I don't like to reveal specifics here...) and to Mr. H who supplied the enchiladas. Thank you. Thank you! They were fantastic.

In fact, they were so fantastic, I believe the entire community was heading toward the school for a bite. See?
Oh, well, only the ones with four legs. Aren't they cute?


Magdalena Scott said...

Maddie, What a nice story. Someone was very thoughtful! Now...shall I fix enchiladas for supper? I'm suddenly hungry for them.

Maddie James said...

So did you have the enchiladas, Magdalena? Or...what about mutton?

Oh, that was baaaaaddddd....

The sheep were so cute one. Did you see the little black one bringing up the rear?