Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How Do You Promote Your Books?

Maybe you've already seen this. I picked this up from another site. I know none of my author friends do you? We? Moi?

Thought you might be interested.


Anonymous said...

Haha... I totally feel like that guy right now! I am very sympathetic to his plight. My book is coming out in 9 days and that hit too close to home.

What is twitter?! (*grins*)

Maddie James said...

9 days! Omigosh. We got to get you Twittering! LOL

Seriously, it is all so much, isn't it? I need a schedule and an Excel spreadsheet to manage it all. :)

Hope it home in a good way. So only 9 days, Tracy! That is so exciting!


Anonymous said...

Yep, I don't know whether to be excited or sick to my stomach!

And to add to that, I just got engaged! What a day!!!

Maddie James said...

OMG!!!!! Engaged! And you are, like, so calm! I can't believe how you just sorta, kinda slipped that in there.

Congratulations, girl! Are we planning a wedding anytime soon?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm not that calm... lol!

Our 7 year anniversary is coming up in March, so I think we're going to do it then. March 7 actually. Seven always has been my lucky number, so maybe there is a little bit of destiny there... I don't know.

It's funny, he came home and we were talking, and it was so weird that we were BOTH thinking about getting married while at work today. (That never happens! He's never been big on the concept.) But that's what happened.

It was crazy, he even asked me if I might want to slip off to Tennessee for the weekend and do it there (which is exactly what I had been thinking), and then he asked if I wanted to do it on our anniversary (which is also exactly what I had been thinking). For as long as we've been together I don't think we've ever been so in sync -- lol. It's like something just clicked into place today...
(**big grins**)

Aleka Nakis said...

Twittering, eh?
Need to talk to

Good one.


Maddie James said...

Well, I am just sooo excited for you! Whether you do it this weekend or in March, it will be lovely and timely, I'm sure! have fun and cherish the day. It's yours, sweetie!

Maddie James said...

Ah c'mon, Aleka. We all know you are a, twitter.... LOL

Love you, honey. :)


Anonymous said...

That is too funny! But I found myself cringing when I realized I sounded like that sometimes:)

Thanks for sharing!

Jules Bennett