Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Love Your Blog and More!

Wow, what a week! It’s Saturday and I’ve not been here on Life since Thursday. I’ve been out-of-town working in Arizona and this morning I feel I am suffering from a bout of time-zone hopping and readjustments to high altitude vs. dessert climates vs. no humidity vs. humidity vs. 80+ degree temps vs. temps in the teens.

I don’t think a body was meant to endure this!

Anyway, it’s good to be back home. I have a plethora (one of my favorite words!) of things to share and post this weekend but before I dive in, I want to thank the authors who were guests here on my blog this week—Gayle Trent, Linda C. Wisneiwski, Lisa Dunster Moeller, and Tina-Sue Ducross. I also want to thank Angela at Wow! Women on Writing for allowing me to participate in Gayle and Linda’s blog tour. It was great learning about each of your books and I enjoyed the reads so very much.

If you don’t know about Wow! please take a moment to visit. I have recently discovered them and find their e-zine chockfull of good information for me, as a writer. I love it and encourage you to check them out.

Buried in my email box as I returned home were a plethora (there we go again) of things.

  1. Edits on a novella that I need to work on this weekend. My editor is patiently waiting…
  2. Tons of emails and notes from friends (I swear, I’m working on them!)
  3. An email from my web designer that my new website has gone live! Woohoo, CHECK IT OUT! More on that later. There are still a few things to be tweaked but if you want to take a sneak peek, please do. Tell me what you think.
  4. And… an I LOVE YOUR BLOG award from my friend and fellow author L.A Day. Wow!

So, I now need to stop everything and tend to my award. Here is the deal. I need to present this award to seven blogs that I love. Oh my, only seven???? All right, will do. Here they are in no order of preference:

  1. Welcome to Magdalenaville, a blog by one of my co-authors in the Ladies of Legend series, Magdalena Scott.
  2. Chickens in the Road by author Suzanne McMinn. Gotta love the goat and chicken antics.
  3. This is the Life! a peek into author Jennifer Johnson’s life.
  4. Authors Promoting Authors is a great blog which helps authors promote each other. Look for new books and authors there!
  5. Taryn Rae, one of the hardest work aspiring authors I know. This women is a word machine!
  6. The Muffin, Fresh News Daily, from Wow! Women on Writing.
  7. The Spotted Sparrow. Homemade gifts, art and more!

So hey guys. I love your blog. Pass it on to seven blogs that you love!


Magdalena Scott said...


Golly, what an honor! This is HUGE.

Maddie James said...

I love Magdalenaville!


Jennifer Johnson said...

Thanks! Maddie, you made my night.

Unknown said...

Thanks Maddie! (of course you know that already!) (((hugs)))

Maddie James said...

You are welcome, gals. I love reading about what is going on with you two! Be sure and post your award on your site!


Angela said...

Hi Maddie,

Wow, your "To-do List" is getting closer to mine. ;o)

Congrats on your new site! It's absolutely gorgeous. Since you're a romance author, remember, we have a Romance Issue coming up in March that we are accepting queries for (feel free to pass this along to all your friends). We pay $50 - $150 per article. You can find our submission guidelines here: (scroll down to "Submissions")

Thank you for the kind words about Gayle and Linda! They are both spectacular ladies with fabulous books. Thanks again for hosting them on their tour! =)

I hope you had a wonderful trip. It sounds like a good one--'cept for all the temp changes. ;o)

Also, a major THANK YOU and "Woo-hoo!" for the WOW! and The Muffin Kudos (and award). We'll be happy to pass the love on.

Keep up the great work! We're proud of you.

Big hugs,