Sunday, November 30, 2008

Of Cupcakes and Singing Snowmen...

I've totally missed the start of voting for the cupcakes! Okay, so the voting started yesterday (I think, or maybe the day before) and runs through Dec. 5. So please go by the blog, Nobody Puts Cupcake in a Corner, and cast your vote! There are so many scrumptious cupcakes on there, so please look around and take a gander at all the pretty little cakey tidbits. LOL And if you are so inclined to like my Cranberry Upside Down Cupcakes with Cran-Orange Marmalade Glaze, well, then so beit! Please vote! Oh, and look for my blog title, Life, Unedited, to find my entry.

And then, I have to tell you, the singing snowmen are BACK. They made their appearance across the street from me last year at Christmastime and well...I plan to blog a bit about them later in the week. I snuck out to take a pic of then a little bit earlier but, well, they were, um, deflated.

And we all know deflated snowmen can't sing, right?

So, stay tuned...
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