Friday, November 07, 2008

Some Things Happening Today

It's Friday! TGIF!

I'm sure you are ready and so am I. A cold front is coming through here in Kentucky and the skies are turning that November blue-gray. The temperature is dropping and we're headed for some rain.

It could be worse. My friends and co-workers K, L, and D are up in South Dakota in blizzard conditions and likely will be snowed in over night. They're due to come home today but it's not looking good. And guess who is scheduled to fly into Rapid City, SD on Monday morning? Yes, you guessed it. Moi! I'll be watching the weather this weekend.

But I'm not really here to talk about the weather today, although it is on my mind. I'm here to share some things going on today in my writing world! So, listen up!

  • I'm kicking off several weeks of promo events starting today. To start, I wanted to announce I'm giving away a free read, Bed, Breakfast and You from the Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology to every reader of my yahoogroup in December. Merry Christmas! So, if you are not a member, click here and join. Everyone who joins between now and the end of December will get a free ebook!
  • My SisterWriters (Janet Eaves, Magdalena Scott, Jan Scarbrough) and me are chatting today over at the Romance Bistro. Our chat will mostly happen in the evening but we're posting a few tidbits before we go to work. Hope you join us. There are prizes! Book giveaways! Click here to join if you're not signed up.
  • And...there is a scavenger hunt going on over on SisterWriters. Want to come play?
There. That should keep you busy for a Friday, huh?


Sophia Danu said...

Hello Maddie! I love your blog! I'm looking forward to having you at the Bistro today.

Maddie James said...

thanks, Sophia. So glad you stopped by. It was great meeting you on Bistro today. I'm going to have to hang around there more often!