Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What to do with leftover Halloween candy (besides eat it)

Yes. There really was that much candy left over. Of course, I bought the candy and then realized that I was not going to be home on trick-or-treat night. Now, I cannot just have this candy sitting around....

So I thought and thought and decided that that instead of having candy bars sitting around, I'd have a whole pie sitting around staring me in the face. Well, in the freezer, staring me in the face. I looked around and figured out I had some handy ingredients that contribute to this freezer pie.

Like, ice cream, chocolate, and nuts. Healthy, right? Dairy, protein and chocolate. Three food groups, correct?

I let the ice cream soften....

And then ran a nice thick layer of chocolate syrup over the bottom of the graham cracker pie shell. Oh! forgot to mention that pie shell up top. I put the shell in the freezer for a few minutes to harden while the ice cream was softening. Ironic, huh?

After perusing the chocolate candies, I decided on the baby Snicker's bars. After a good chop, they were ready to go.

Out of the freezer came the crust. Top with some of the chopped candy. About a third.

The smooth over a layer of the softened ice cream.

Followed by some more candy....

Repeat. More ice cream. More candy. Then pop on the topper that came with your crust and freeze!

I'm hoping this will stay in the freezer until Thanksgiving. What do you think?

Drat. I just realized I forgot a topping of pecans. Oh well, next time.

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