Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daily Sunrise

It's coming. There. Can you see it? Sneaking up over the horizon?

Oh sure, yeah, it's the sun. But is it really? Or is it a new day. Perhaps a new year dawning.

Ah, yes. That's it. I feel it more than see it.

The new day, new year, renewed sense of purpose, whathaveyou, is peeking at us. Winking, perhaps.

Taunting? Tempting?

What will you do, it asks, with this new beginning? This fresh start that is coming this week? Will you make goals? Reinvent yourself? Resolve to make change?

Find a new job?

Save money?

Pay off the credit cards?

Tell your mother you are sorry?

It's all up to you. Because very soon, it's a new day. What? It's a new day everyday? You are so right. Let's all take advantage of it.

Start over every day... your best foot forward. Forgive. Forget. Breathe. Stay positive.

Enjoy your life.
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