Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End to a Beginning?

Well, I'm not really sure what that title means but I'm sure I'll figure it out as I continue to type. Of course, it's New Year's Eve and that in itself, signifies the end of the year... and also the beginning of a new one. So okay, it makes sense, huh?

It's all par for the course today. I also typed THE END on my current work-in-progress this morning. It was about 1 1/2 weeks over deadline and my editor was very gracious about me being somewhat late, so I vowed that the next one would be on time. Next year. Oh, that would be tomorrow.


Tomorrow. Fresh start. New beginning. It's a good thing. For me, often, it's a state of mind as much as anything.

My SisterWriters and I have set our goals. We share them and we check them off when we can. It's a virtual celebration and pat-on-the back when we achieve one or two. Will we share them here? Um, probably not. Well, not the lists, I think. But I betcha if we achieve a big one, you'll be hearing about it!

Personally, I'm avoiding my routine non-writing goals this year--lose weight, walk more, pay off credit cards. Seems I've had those same resolutions for the past few years. Hm, not working. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on anything BUT those goals and see where it gets me. Oh yeah, I love it when I try a little reverse psychology on myself. I wonder if I realize I'm doing it?

Anyway... while I was watching Oprah today I jotted down something she said and sent it off to share with my SisterWriters. The statement resonated with me for a reason, and I'll share the statement and the reason with you.

Here is what Oprah said (I think I got it right): The ability to make a decision is the forcefield that moves you forward in your life. Her show was about resiliency and how some of us bounce back from really bad times and change our lives.

I found this interesting because recently, I made a pretty big decision. (not that I've had a bad time or anything, it's just TIME) I've felt very okay and at peace with my decision for several days now. It's a part of me and there have been no reservations. The decision I've made will become more apparent over the coming year as I make some changes in my life.

Just like my writing, I guess I'm still a work-in-progress. Aren't we all? I'm just not very eager to type THE END anytime soon. In fact, I'm very eager to writing the beginning of the rest of it.

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe.

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