Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happily Ever After

A few weeks ago, my son Kyle and his long-time girlfriend Kelli got married. It was a great day and a wonderful wedding that went off without (nearly) a hitch. Kelli did a great job planning things to a T and Kyle, well, he said he did his part by buying the ring, popping the question, and showing up on time. (smile) You have to understand my son's dry humor, possibly, to appreciate that.

As I sat in the front seat, looking at him as Kelli walked up the aisle... and then a moment later as she looked up at him during their vows, I'll always recall the expression on their faces.

I remember thinking that I wished I could remember that look forever and capture it in my stories somehow. They only way I can describe it is love.

These two have been together since high school. They didn't rush anything and have waited for several years before making the permanent commitment. Oh, it wasn't all hunky dory as relationships go over the years but they worked at it and have settled into their lives. The other evening I called and they were enjoying a Sunday evening together playing Yahtzee. I had to smile.

I hope for the happily-ever-after for these two. It's something I've been unable to find in my own life but I would gladly forgo that goal for me should they be blessed with it.

I guess many of us search for that happy ending. So maybe that's why I write romance. We might not have it in our real life but it's great to read about it!

In Home for the Holidays, my recent release from Resplendence Publishing, the heroine Chelly has sought and lost her HEA and has given up hope--even as a young women--of finding it again. But she discounts the fact that her coming home for the holidays puts her in close contact again with the man she left behind. Thing is, how will he react when he sees her again?

Home for the Holidays is now available on Fictionwise and the Resplendence Publishing website in ebook form. It is also available in the print anthology, A Legendary Christmas, available on Amazon and at Resplendence.

So, what about you? Do you have your own Happily Ever After? We'd love to hear about it.


p.s. The singing snowmen are still deflated! A snowman cannot sing when he is deflated. So stay tuned and I'll be bringing pics of them soooooooon!


Destiny Blaine said...

Hey Maddie,

Great post. Congratulations to you for gaining a daughter!

My HEA is one that is as real-life as you can get so I can’t complain. I’ve been married to the same lucky (*wink*wink*) man for nearly two decades (okay, so it’s 18 years) and we have two fantastic teenagers. Seriously, they’re pretty good kids so I count my blessings.

Now, here’s the good part—our HEA is not about romance at all. (Stress the ‘at all’ part with a dropped jaw).We raise our children, go to ballgames, budget, bitch, wash dishes, fold clothes, I go to bed at four in the morning, he goes to bed at nine, do a little yard work, clean house, I write, he works, and this is life as we know it—lol. It’s the modern day version of HEA so I think in real life, happily ever after is highly overrated everywhere ‘except’ in romance books. It’s the only reason I write it because we sure don’t know a lot of people in our neck of the woods living it! :)

Your blog is wonderful and I always enjoy your books. This blog post is sure to gain a lot of smiles.


Maddie James said...

Hey Destiny! Thanks for stopping by. You know, I think maybe one of the reasons why an HEA in real life is different from the fantasy HEA in books is because, well, we just like the fantasy. To be honest, I envy your relationship with your hubby and that would truly be an HEA for me. :) I'm likely too old by now to find mine but guess what...maybe my HEA is simply with me! I love my life, my family, and who I am. I'm content and happy...ever after!


By Tina-Sue Ducross said...

As an almost married woman (oh....the little bit feeling of terror at the "married" part) this post caught my eye.
I enjoyed reading your reflective comments and thought it was a brilliant pathway into your new release!