Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Saga of the Singing Puffy Snowmen

It started last year. I believe it was about this time in the evening. Let me check. Yep. Around 10:38 p.m. Yes. I remember.

I'm winding up my night behind the computer screen, yawning and stretching my back and longing for my bed.

I move to my bedroom at the back of the house and settle into my bed and nest of pillows (I don't know why I do that but recently I've realized that I do make a little nest of sorts out of four pillows...maybe it comes from sleeping alone? Ah, well, I digress...) when what do my wondering ears does present itself but--

Singing. Music. Lalalalala happy, jovial sounds coming from across the street.


At 10:39 p.m. And on a school night.

I peel myself out of my nest and stumble back toward the front of my house and what do my blurry eyeballs spy?


(okay, so I fudged on the blurry effect, okay?)

And guess what?

It's a year later and, oh yeah... they are BACK.

The Puffy Singing Snowmen are back. Across the street. Blinking and bobbing and...

Wait. Where is the bouncy, jovial Christmas music? The gay tunes of puffy snowmen on crack singing carols?


They sit. They flash. They bob. They even do a Miss America wave.

But no singing.


Back to the nest I go. Smiling. And wondering which one of my neighbors turned them in to the homeowner's association.
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