Sunday, December 20, 2009


Another author called my attention to this set of videos on You Tube by artist Gary Reef. You'll watch Gary create art while listening to author Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote Eat, Pray, Love speak about creativity. I found it a nice message for me today and thought you might like it, as well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas newsletter posted!

Good evening, everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that I posted my Christmas newsletter this evening. If you are not on my subscription list, never fear, because you can access the newsletter via this link:

This month I've posted all of the holiday romance and erotica titles available at Resplendence Publishing. Wow! I didn't realize there were so many wonderful stories out there this year! Some are brand new and some were released last year but all of them are great stories.

So take a look when you get a chance. You might find one that tickles your fancy. [smile!]

By the way, if you are not a subscriber to my newsletter and you would like to be, just click here to visit my newsletter archive page. Click the link at the bottom of the page to sign up!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Harlequin Horizons Provides Self-Publishing Option

Yesterday, Harlequin announced yet another publishing venture – a self-publishing arm of their company called Harlequin Horizons. Just two weeks ago Harlequin announced their launch of a digital-only press called Carina Press.

Each of these new venues comes on the heels of some tough times for book publishers in this current economy. Many of the larger publishers have skinnied down their author lists, re-thought their lines and imprints, and cut some of their editorial staff. In the meantime, Harlequin has enjoyed a steady increase in sales.

This latest announcement embeds Harlequin into three of today’s publishing business models – print publishing, digital publishing, and self-publishing.

Print publishing has been Harlequin’s mainstay since the company’s inception. Print plus digital options were offered via their website several years ago.

With Carina Press’ development, Harlequin moved into a publishing model that planted its roots approximately ten years ago, when small electronic presses began experimenting with digital publishing. This alternative way of publishing has now become a viable option for many authors.

Self-publishing, a model that has been around for years, is coming into its own. Options exist for authors to buy a package to publish their books; Harlequin Horizons falls into that category. Other self-publishing options offer cost effective ways of self-publishing with little money put upfront. Amazon’s CreateSpace is an example. The latter is largely due to the creation of a publishing method called POD or print-on-demand. With POD, publishers need not be concerned with a warehouse full of books, large print runs, and costly overhead. Books are published when they are ordered.

Self-publishing has carried somewhat of a stigma.. Many would say if you chose self-publishing, you weren’t really published. In this age of technology, however, the tables have turned. Self-publishing can and is a viable option for many.

Harlequin Horizons, a joint venture with Author Solutions, is targeted toward the romance and women’s fiction genres, and offers pay-for-service packages. A team of professionals assist the author in putting together a book package for a fee. Harlequin Horizons will be an imprint of Harlequin.

Whether an author chooses traditional print publishing, a digital publishing press, or self-publishing, is totally up to the author. The author knows where they are in their career, how they want to move their career forward, and what steps to take to do so. It would be unwise to omit exploring all of the options.

The future is here and it’s fast shifting. As much as this shift is changing the landscape for publishers, it is changing for authors. I predict that the focus for many authors will move from writing and acquiring a publisher, to writing, choosing a publishing option, and selling the book – with a large emphasis on the latter. No longer is the question, “will someone publish my book?” but now, “how will I publish the best book possible and how will I market it to sell?”

Why marketing? Because with more publishing options comes more books hitting the shelves (virtual and otherwise). When there are more books for readers to choose from, a book (or author) has to stand out in order to be bought. Writing the book is only half the battle. Marketing can make a difference it the book’s success.

Part II – Book Marketing in the Digital Age

Coming Soon!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Adventures of Calliope and Clio -- Queen Calliope

I am the Queen. And all that lay before me is my Domain. Mine. I tell you. All Mine.

When I am perched up here like this, I am the Mistress of my Domain. All Humans bow to my presence and stand in awe of my beauty. Those of my species who dwell in my domain submit to my whim and give up the mouse at my command. When I say, “Go find treasures, such a Q-tips and empty toilet paper rolls and tacks from my Human’s bulletin board, they obey.

I am the Queen. I am in control. I may appear aloof and uncaring but I am watching every move my Humans and Felines alike make. I spare no mercy for those who dare to interfere with my nap, or attempt to budge me from this spot. I have claimed it. It is mine. It is where I lay in thoughtful repose, contemplating the issues of my kind, considering the effects of nibbling on palm branches, and sneaking slurps of toilet water.

I am the Keeper of my Human and I take my job very seriously. For without my guidance, my Human would do strange and uncanny things, such as try to sleep late, or eat food on the couch without my permission, or clean my litter box without my supervision.

I am the Queen. I am…

Whoa. What was that? Bug?

We humor her.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A nice little review for Mia Jae

Well, it appears that my naughty side, Mia Jae, is coming into her own. She received a very nice review this week from Coffee Time Romance -- a 5 cup review -- only the second one that a Resplendence title has received, I've been told. I guess being naughty has nice perks. :)

Lust, Lies and Tinsel Ties was released in late September and is part of the Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe series from Resplendence. I really liked this part of the review:

Mia Jae has an amazing way of presenting her characters in such a realistic light with intriguing personalities that sucks the reader in. I was rooting for each character and emotionally invested in Jack’s happiness. I will be keeping this book on my TBR for any time I want to visit a good friend.

Click here for the full review!

Icing on the cake? The book went live on Kindle last night. Yes!

Thanks for indulging me. :) Now, back to writing (or twittering or something...)

Newsflash! The print anthology, Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe, Volume II, is now available on Amazon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood...

Just in time for Halloween. Interested in a little paranormal fairy tale romance? There is a full moon, a wolf, magic, and of course, a grown up Little Red Riding Hood!

Here is the blurb:

Garnet Boudreaux is going home. Not back to her nice little apartment in New York City, but to her childhood home in the bayou. She doesn’t want to go, and isn’t certain what will be waiting for her when she arrives. But standing there in the voodoo shop on Bourbon Street, in the middle of one helluva party, she’s told by Madame Madeleine Dupuis that she has no choice. She presses two pouches into Garnet’s hands, wraps a red cape around her, and tells her she must go—and go now—to see to her grandmother.
Max LeBlanc spies the lovely red-head across the street and knows in a heartbeat she is the one. A rougarou always knows when he’s met his mate. Some may call him a lycanthrope, a werewolf if you will, but in Cajun bayou lands he’s known simply as The Rougarou. He’d waited several hundred years for this moment, and for her. There is nothing left for him to do, but mark her and claim her as his mate. Soon.

Red: A Seduction Tale can be found at and

And just for fun, I came across this really cool video. I think it's perfect for the book. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Barnes & Noble unveils new eReader: The Nook!

Move over Kindle and Sony, there is a new eReader on the block. His name is Nook and you can make friends with him right now at Barnes & Noble.

Romance readers are huge buyers of eBooks, so it is no surprise that romance authors and readers are becoming fans of eBook reading devices. I know many of us read on our Blackberries, Smart Phones, and IPAQs. Others read from their laptop (me). And still others love a dedicated eReader. I, for one, have been lusting after a dedicated device for a while now.

I may have just met my new eReader. Nook, come to Mama.

So in case you are Christmas shopping early, Ms. Romance Reader, here is a breakdown of the three popular dedicated eReader devices on the market right now.

Barnes & Noble's Nook

Touted by Barnes & Noble as the worlds most advanced eBook reader, you can pre-order it right now for $259 with free shipping. The reader is not yet available. Besides having access through AT&T’s wireless 3G network or on Wi-Fi to over a million book titles, you can access newspapers and magazines, as well as thousands of free eBooks. The E Ink display makes reading easy and customizable. As it comes you can store up to 1500 eBooks and you can purchase a memory card to upgrade. There are features such as picture and text storage and designer covers. See the Barnes & Noble website for more detailed information.


The latest generation (U.S & International wireless) Amazon Kindle now sells for $279 and also uses a wireless 3G network to download books directly into the device from Amazon. It also sports the E Ink, customizable display. Lightweight and portable, as is the Nook above, this Kindle is said to hold the same number of books, about 1500, with access to over 350,000 titles, plus newspapers, magazines and blogs. There are three versions of the Kindle available and prices range from $259 to $489. Visit the Amazon Kindle store for specifics on each version.

Sony Reader

The comparable version for Sony is the Reader Touch Edition™ which currently sells for $299. It can hold up to 350 books without an expansion memory card, which can be purchased. Books can be accessed via Sony’s eBook store or through Google’s public domain titles, and supports multiple file formats. The Reader Pocket Edition™ is also available for $199 and a Reader Daily Edition™ is coming soon. More information about Sony’s Reader devices can be found on its website.

So there you are. Ready to shop? Go!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Step Out On Nothing by Byron Pitts

If you are here, there is a good chance you either write or you read -- probably both. Since this is a writer's blog, you probably come to check out the latest romance writing news, or other ramblings of this author. In order to do that, there is one essential thing you must be able to do -- read.

Sounds easy enough, huh? Not so for everyone. Yes, even in today's world.

CBS national news correspondent Byron Pitts was one of those children who was on his way to being an adult with low literacy. At twelve years of age he was diagnosed as functionally illiterate.

Recently, he released a book about his struggles. Step Out on Nothing: How Faith and Family Helped Me Conquer Life's Challenges tells his story. You can buy his book at Better World Books and by doing so, are also helping others get help learning to read. 100% of the net profit of the sale of the book from the Better World Books website will go to the National Center for Family Literacy to support literacy efforts worldwide.

Byron Pitts was recently named to the board of advisors for the National Center for Family Literacy. You can read more here. Watch and listen to the recent interview with Byron on the CBS Early Show below.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

News and Updates

I've been hopelessly AWOL the past couple of weeks... I know. Chalk it up to fall and school starting and my day job travel heating up. I work in schools nationwide during the school year so I'm getting my body adjusted to time-zone hopping again. Last week was New Mexico, this week Arizona, next week South Dakota and I think Mississippi after that. I'm not sure I want to keep anything further in my head right now!

But I did want to pop in and give you some updates.

My alter ego Mia Jae had a release this week and is also featured on The Romance Studio starting today for the month of October. So, if you get a chance, drop by and check out these links.

New release: Lust, Lies and Tinsel Ties -- this is a great holiday menage! Very spicy and naughty, so beware. :)

And be sure to stop by The Romance Studio, if you can, to read Mia's interview.

In addition to all that, the last two books of The Matchmaking Chef series are now available. That means the entire series is ready for your reading pleasure!

Side Dish just became available on Fictionwise and it is now #7 on the bestseller list for Resplendence Publishing at FW.

Mate to Order, the last book in the series, just became available last week at Resplendence. Coming soon to Fictionwise!

I also wanted to let you know that I have a brand spanking new website for the matchmaking chef books, based on the chef herself, Suzie Matthews. You can visit her at Suzie Cooks!

We should see all of the books in the series together in one print volume after the first of the year.

So, that's my news! I hope everyone is doing well. Toodles! Off to work....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Western Romance Author Paty Jager

Western Romance Author Paty Jager is visiting today. Let's welcome Paty!

Hi Paty. Welcome to Life, Unedited! Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Central Oregon with my husband of thirty years. We raised four children and currently ranch 160 acres. We built the house we are living in. It was a wonderful experience even though many people said we'd be divorced before it was through. Ironically, we had few arguments and when we did start getting on each other's nerves we'd take a break from the house for a couple days. I started writing when the kids were small, making up children's stories for them. When I was told I wrote too adult, I wrote two mysteries to exorcise (murder off) a person who had wronged both my husband and myself. Then I read LaVyrle Spencer's Hummingbird and I knew I had to write historical western romance. At this time, I was also writing freelance stories for the two local newspapers. Once I joined RWA, a whole new world of people and learning opened up to me. And after eight years of honing my craft, I became published with a new publisher, The Wild Rose Press.

What drew you to Romance?

Reading LaVyrle Spencer's books I realized I wanted to bring characters to life like she did and entertain people with history. But the best part about writing romance is the dawning of attraction between the hero and heroine and the gripping moment when all seems lost and the wonder of the happy ever after.

Of all the past great Romance authors, who would you say had the greatest influence on you/your writing style?

As a teen I read Phyllis Whitney, Victoria Holt, and Mary Stewart. I read the stories because they took me to far off lands. ( I grew up in a very rural secluded area) I always wanted the hero and heroine to experience more intimacy I those books. Now, I write spicy stories where the hero and heroine always make love in a heated fashion. I think the somber mode of those books and my desire for more intimacy has made my books hotter.

I, too, am a huge fan of Phyllis Whitney, Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart, so can definitely relate! How do you find ideas for your books? Real happenings? Dreams? A great imagination?

Everywhere. Often when I'm researching for a book I'll run across something that will make a good story for another book. I've come up with ideas for books from songs, something I read in the newspaper, see on TV or hear on the radio. That's the fun part about being a writer- your mind is always thinking in terms of a story. Anything that catches your attention immediately gets attached to the story board in your head. Will it work? Can I make it stretch for a whole book? How about a short story? Would there be enough tension/conflict?

How difficult is it for you to get into “writer’s mode”?

Some days are more difficult than others, but I keep a pretty good schedule. Every morning I get my husband out the door to work and sit down at the computer. I go through e-mails and read blogs and write my blog. Then I do PR work and have breakfast. After breakfast I sit down and write for 3-4 hours. In the afternoon, depending on my deadlines, I either work on my writing or freelance editing for three hours. By keeping my schedule on track I can slip into writer mode quickly and get my 10-15 pages a day written. Now this is an ideal day- some days I have to feed animals or check on cows birthing, rake hay, bale hay, change irrigation, or run errands.

You have a new book out. We’d love to hear about it.

My current release is Miner in Petticoats. It is the third book of a historical western five book series about the Halsey brothers. Ethan, Hank, Clay, Zeke, and Gil grew up in the mining country of NE Oregon. After the murder of their parents and youngest brother, Ethan took over the parental duties of the other four. Having finished raising his brothers and working to build their mine into something that will sustain all their families, Ethan isn't looking for marriage or a family of his own. To fulfill his commitment to enhance the Halsey family future, he plans to build a stamp mill and he needs property the widow Miller refuses to part with.

Aileen Miller is twice widowed and has a twelve-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. Her first marriage was for love. When her husband was killed she had to flee Ireland and found herself married to an abusive alcoholic. When that husband came up dead she vowed to never let another man into their lives.

This story is about learning to bend and compromise and realize fate can sometimes throw you a curve. It is also about overcoming fears and learning to trust again.

How did the inspiration for this work come to you?

This is the third book in the series, and I decided I needed to have the oldest brother fall in love before he would be dating an old woman. LOL Since the series titles all have predominantly male occupations-Marshal in Petticoats, Outlaw in Petticoats- I had to give the heroine a male occupation. And since they live in mining country I made her a miner, having been left the claim when her husband died.

Since Ethan is all about his family and not motivated to have a family of his own but definitely motivated to provide for his brothers, I had to place a roadblock in his grand plan to build a stamp mill. So I plopped in a stubborn Scots woman with children who refuses to be battered or used by a man again. And she has a goal to get her son's inheritance back. Giving into Ethan's plans won't help her with her goal.

Do you identify with the characters you write about?

I recently blogged about this topic on my RWA chapter blog. In some ways I think all writers identify with their characters, they have to, to make the character believable and real. But the good thing is you can give them traits you wish you had, like courage, or the ability to be outspoken. In a way, I live vicariously through my characters.

You have several books in print (or upcoming releases). Is there a favorite among them? Why?

I have the three books in the Halsey brother series, a historical western, Gambling on an Angel about a saloon owner and a sister of the Temperance movement, and a contemporary western, Perfectly Good Nanny which won the 2008 Best Contemporary EPPIE. (Electronic Publishing award) I don’t have a favorite among them but I have a reason why I like each one. Marshal in Petticoats was a fun story because the heroine was accident prone and it made for fun writing scenes where her clumsiness got her in trouble. Outlaw in Petticoats pitted a staid, stand-offish heroine against a hero who was bound and determined to make her love him. Miner in Petticoats I pitted the hero and heroine against each other in a battle of wits and showing their admiration and attraction grow. Gambling on an Angel I incorporated some history about the sternwheelers traveling up the Columbia River and how people with strong beliefs can learn to see both sides. Perfectly Good Nanny was written on a dare by another author, and after I wrote it, found I had the capability to write contemporary and to enjoy doing it.

What does your writing schedule look like?

I kind of covered this up above. I usually do my writing in the morning and research or edit in the afternoon. But I also find I get scenes or ideas for books while I’m driving the tractor, so I always keep a notebook and pen with me when raking, baling or harrowing.

Do you have a “writer’s cave”? Where do you do your best work?

I guess you could call my loft the "writer's cave". I have my desk facing the windows looking out at the Cascade Mountain Range. I also have a 10 x 16 cabin I spend considerable time in during the summer when I go to our other property and change the irrigation pipes. I have electricity but no phone or internet. I use a microwave and electric skillet to cook and have a small refrigerator. My running water is outside(from the irrigation pump) and I use an outhouse. This is my "writer's cave" when I am on water detail. It works well because there are no distractions. Well, an occasional call of the chukar, quail, ravens, or eagle. Oh, or the chhh, chhh, of a rattlesnake.

Do you have a “day” job?

See above. I have two jobs besides my writing. I help ranch our 160 acres and I'm a freelance editor.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

You're writing because you have a passion. Don't let naysayers or overly harsh critics get you down. Critiques are needed to make sure you are polishing and making your work the best it can be, but if someone is harsh or negative, don't keep them in your circle of creativity. Keep only those you know are there to help you get better. And when you do come across someone (like a contest judge) who is overly critical, read what they have to say, take a step back, then review their words again. There may be some truth in what they said, they just didn't say it in a constructive manner.

What is your next project?

I just finished the fourth Halsey brother book, Doctor in Petticoats. And I have a contemporary western out to an editor, my historical paranormal set among the Nez Perce Indians is being evaluated by an editor, and I also have, what I hope will be the beginning of a series, out to another editor. It is a historical western about a female Pinkerton detective and a U.S. Marshal.

Do you have any writing rituals?

My ritual is always going through e-mails and blogs before I start writing. It's like my little warm up to get my fingers working.

Today, writers need not only write great books, but be great promoters of their books, too. What kinds of things do you do?

I have a monthly contest on my website-, I try to get as many blog spots on other people's blogs as I can, and I showcase other writers to my blog on Wednesdays, I contact bookstores to set up book signings, participate in online chats at reader loops, and give workshops at conferences. And I've participated in several blog talk radio shows as well as get on the local TV station when I have a new book out.

What else would you like to tell us?

My books so far are all set in Oregon. I love introducing readers to my state and the history and lifestyle of the people who tromped across the continent to live in "Eden". They were a hardy group who took on challenges and worked hard to build family legacies.

I'm not one to toot my own horn, so I'll leave you with some reviews:

Marshal in Petticoats

For a trip back to the raw, wild days of the silver and gold rushes, with a bit of romance thrown in for added effect, this book is perfect. ~ Charissa, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Outlaw in Petticoats

With an intriguing mystery, an action-packed adventure, fully realized characters and a story filled with surprising twists, Ms. Jager has crafted a sensual and gratifying romance that will have you turning those pages. A keeper for any lover of romance or the Old West. Love Western Romances

Gambling on an Angel

Ms. Jager tells an emotional tale full of characters that you’ll take into your heart and want to remember long after you’ve read the last page.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Are you a follower?

I'm a follower and so is my son. We LOVE the book, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. My son says that those of us who love the book are followers.

Last night I shared a late text message conversation with him that warmed my heart. The conversation went something like this:

Son: Holy Shit! They are coming out with a "where the wild things are" movie!

Me: LOL I saw that over the weekend. Will you go see it? By the way, you made me laugh out loud.

Son: Hell yeah I'm gonna go see it!!!! Wanna go?

Me: Sure! Would be fun. Gonna take your wild thing doll?

Son: I don't have it, and it's not a doll! Do u have it?

Me: I don't know. I'll have to check. Oh, right, not a doll...

Son: Yeah. Action figure.


Oh, in case you haven't guessed, my son is not a little boy anymore, he's 24 years old and married! And yes, the book is probably his fave of all time. (and no, it's NOT a doll!)

Here's a sneak peek of the movie!

Release Day! Mate to Order

Matchmaker, Matchmaker bake me a match?

Oh, sorry, that’s make me a match.

No, really, it’s bake me a match…

Released TODAY! from Resplendence Publishing

Mate to Order

Book Five in The Matchmaking Chef series

Here is the blurb:

Patricia Plum has an agenda and a list. A husband list, that is.

When Suzie’s success as The Matchmaking Chef hits the national scene at the same time as her debut cooking show on The Food Channel, her new producer comes to her with a list of requirements—not for Suzie’s job, but for a husband.

Patricia Plum has a specific list and if Suzie really wants to make it big in New York City, she’ll make every attempt to deliver, Patricia’s “Mate to Order.”

Food photographer, Ames Cooper, possesses not one characteristic on that list of Patricia’s. In fact, if you could make a list of everything that Ames is not, Patricia’s list would be it. But Ames never let not being on the list stop him before, and he doesn’t intend to let it stop him, now.


“And that, ladies, is how you set a cozy desert table for two, complete with a warm and gooey Double Chocolate Decadent Delight Brownie ala mode with my signature Buttered Almond Toffee Topping followed with a Bourbon Coffee chaser.” Suzie learned closer to the camera and brought a bite up to her mouth, stringing fudge from plate to spoon. “All I can say is this.” She took a bite of the gooey confection and savored it. “Yummmm. I’m Suzie Matthews and this is one way to bake you a match, girls.”

There was a second’s pause and then, “That’s a wrap.”

Suzie whooshed out a breath. “Okay, I’m officially tired.”

“Same.” Patricia swept up next to Suzie and gave her a hug. “Perfect, hon. It was classic. You are a world class pro in front of the camera now.” Glancing down at the dessert, she wanted to swoon from lack of food since she’d skipped lunch. “That brownie is absolutely sinful.”

With her pointer finger she reached to scoop up some fresh whipped cream.

“Stop!” Ames caught her wrist.

A bit flustered, she turned what she hoped was a serious-as-hell scowl on him. “Take your hand off me, Ames.”

“Don’t touch that. It’s perfect. I need a shot.”

“It’s melting, Ames.”

“No, it’s perfect. Move your ass, honey.” He crowded up to her and shoved her aside with his hip. “This will only take a—“

For the likes of her she didn’t know what possessed her to do what she did next. Maybe because it was Ames, and maybe it was because she was hungry, and maybe, just maybe, it was because she didn’t like being hipped out of the way.

She wanted like hell to pick a fight with him. Some sort of weird payback?

“Go home, Ames. We can do this tomorrow.”

He was hunched over the desert with his camera poised, snapping away.

She bumped him in mid-snap.

He turned an annoyed but wicked grin on her. “You don’t really want to do that, Plummish.”

“Do what?”

“Interrupt me while I am in pic mode.”

“Well, I’m in ala mode and I want that ice cream.”

He turned away and positioned himself again to take a shot. “You’re going to have to wait another couple of minutes.”

“By then it will be too melted.” Why was she goading him? “Even though I have to work with you doesn’t mean you call the shots, Ames. I do.”

“Not when you’re in my arena. I—”

He started to snap and Patricia shoved her hand forward and simultaneously scooted him out of the way. With two fingers, she scooped up a huge dollop of semi-melty ice cream and whipped cream topping.

“What the hell?” Ames lowered his camera and squared himself in front of her.

Uh oh, she had angered him now. For some odd reason she giggled inside. “Oh, you weren’t finished?” She brought the ice cream up to her mouth and sucked her fingers dry.

There was a distinct twinkle in Ames’ eyes. The outer corners crinkled. Without hesitation, he set his camera down, picked up the brownie plate, and took a step closer to her. “No, I wasn’t finished.”

“Hm.” She swiped her finger into fudge this time, then again, brought it to her tongue and licked. Damn, it was almost like a dare. Maybe closer to a tease.

Before she could react, Ames took a couple of fingers full of the brownie goo as well, and without words, crowded closer and smeared it down the side of Patricia’s face, raking his chocolate-covered fingers across her lips.

“Oh, now you’ve done it.”

She stood steadfast but truth be told, the act of his hand smearing chocolate over her face and lips was way too sensual. The way he lingered, smoothed....


She scooped up another finger of cake and ice cream and slung it. The sticky mass splatted across his nose.

Ames palmed a handful of the dish and smeared it across her chest.

Patricia dove for the table and the other dessert. Unfortunately, just as she scooped up the second plate, her heel slipped in melted ice cream on the floor and down she went. But not before she fisted Ames’ black t-shirt at his chest and pulled him down with her.

The second dish of Double Chocolate Decadent Delight Brownie ala mode with Buttered Almond Toffee Topping tumbled from her fingertips and landed on the floor between them.

Soon, cake, ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and topping were flying, and Ames and Patricia were rolling on the floor of Suzie’s new kitchen set, squealing and shoving and pushing, while the crew jeered and hooted, and Suzie fretted about her tablescape, until…

A deep voice, reminiscent of the voice of God, boomed out over the chaos. Patricia knew that voice and also knew that things weren’t going to bode too well for either of them.

“Ahem,” the voice said and then paused. “You know, when I was a child we used to fetch the water hose to separate dogs in heat from their rather aggressive suitors. Anyone have a hose handy?”

Patricia immediately stopped shoving cake in Ames’ face. His eyes were wide and his smile broad. He looked like a candied chocolate confection laying there on the floor opposite her. His hands were on her waist and the look in his eyes was one of…


She pushed back and stood. Ames followed.

Like it? Get you own copy at Resplendence Publishing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Every once in a while we get one of those, you know? A lazy Sunday.

I woke to thunder rippling through overhead and rain gently beating down on my roof. I glanced at the clock, realized that it was Sunday, smiled and turned over in my covers. Nice. I slept another couple of hours. That set the tone to the rest of my day very nicely.

The Muses agree. They've been lazy all day with me. Clio is at her perch at the back door, watching the rain come down and wishing for an occasional bug to come by so she can make an attempt to pounce on it through the glass door. Of course, she can't get to it but she still loves to try. Calliope has been at my side most of the day, curled up next to my legs and sleeping. I think they missed me last week while I was out of town in New Mexico.

So, today is a great day to catch up and that is what I have been doing. I've already done a couple of blogs, updated my Facebook page, and plan to work on a short story later in the day. I have an article to write, too, and pictures to select and send to the editor for that piece. I'll probably just get the pictures ready today, doubt that the article will find it's way onto my list. Still, I'll be happy to lazily run through my day's to do list and check a few things off.

Lazy days are nice. I can handle them. My comfy chair, my feet up, my Muses occupied with sleep and bug-watching, laptop on my lap and the Food Network on the tube. What else could I want?

Bug Watchin'