Saturday, January 03, 2009

Deal of the Day! Jan 3, 2009

Every once in a while I come across something that I call The Deal of the Day. Today was one of those days. I stopped in to my local Kroger to pick up my prescriptions and discovered the motherlode.

Now, it's really kind of an interesting story. I'm standing in line at the pharmacy and glance to my right at the woman's cart next to me. I notice she has chocolate of all sorts--candy coating, chips, baker's, cocoa, etc--powdered sugar, brown sugar, Crisco, and so on. My first thought was, hm, it's after the holidays. Why is she buying all that stuff now?

Then it was my turn at the pharmacy window and I forgot all about it. Until I headed toward the exit.

I was met with a swarm, yes a swarm, of women. They were all huddled over about 3 bins of stuff in the aisle. I look. I step closer. I see carts full of sugar and chocolate and spices and gravy and...

What the heck?

Then I see the sign. "We bought too much" it read. And the contents of those bins were ridiculously on sale.

I mean, utterly, ridiculous. So of course, I jumped into the fray. I'm a baker, okay?

Here is my stash. Just take a look!

And guess what I paid for it all? I mean, really. I want you to guess. Take a good hard look. Everything you see on the table. What would you think I paid?

I'm waiting. Think about it.

Have a thought?

Are you sure?

Okay, well, the total bill came to $67.71 but that was before they took the discount. Are you ready? I paid only $17.00. That's right! $17.00. Even Steven.

Now, I can hear my mother in my ear saying, "It's only a good sale if you are really going to use these things."

Oh, don't worry Mama, I'm gonna use these things. Look! I got cupcake liners and pumpkin and butter flavored Crisco and cocoa and graham cracker pie crusts and sugar and evaporated milk and chocolate chips....

I better get baking.


Unknown said...

Oh don't you just love coming across a sale like that? That's awesome....I was figuring right at $16 for all of the stuff in the picture- just a dollar off of what you actually paid for it! LOL

(Licks finger and touches self- Sizzzzz!) That's hot! LOL

Whatever you make with that kaboodle, would love to see pics of it!

Amy said...

Now you're reading to get started on those wine cupcakes! And just looking the evaporate milk makes me hungry. Am I the only one who can just open a can of that and sit down with a spoon?? LOL! Great find, Maddie, especially for a baker like you!