Friday, January 02, 2009

An Iron Cupcake Challenge Flunky...

Okay, guys, I seriously need your help. I'm counting on y'all.

As you may, or may not, have realized, I flunked the Iron Cupcake Challenge this month. Why? Because I did not enter! Not sure HOW I let that happen, I'm sitting here appalled at myself. After all, the secret ingredient for December was of all things -- chocolate. Chocolate! How in the world did I let the opportunity to bake chocolate cupcakes get by me?

I have no clue.

Oh, perhaps it was that holiday thing. And work. And the writing deadline. Hm.

Anyhoo, a winner has been chosen and congrats to her! You can read more about it here. And that cupcake in the picture? Yep, that was the winner. Yum, huh? You betcha.

But here is my dilemma. I do not want to let January pass me by without a Maddie James entry into the Iron Cupcake Challenge. So... I need your help. In what way, you say? Ideas! And here is why. It's that secret ingredient thing.

Which is... wine!

It doesn't matter what kind of wine, the secret ingredient just has to be wine! I'm lookin' for ideas. How would you use wine in your cupcake?

C'mon, you guys. I know you like wine! What kind of wine would you use? How? Be creative!

We have a little while to ponder this. The entry does not have to be posted until noon on Jan. 24. I'd love to hear your ideas and then, I'll design my recipe. And of course, I'll give you all the credit!

But wait. If you comment and give me your ideas this weekend, I'll put your name in the hat for a drawing for a 2009 Flavors of Life Calendar. How's that?

(be sure and leave me your contact info if I don't have it!)


Magdalena Scott said...


All I can think is that it should be RED wine, and you should include some DARK chocolate. This way you get to do the chocolate after all, and your entry should get extra points because of all the [yummy] antioxidants.

And that is really more than I know about creating a recipe.

You may put my personal copies of the cupcakes into your freezer for the next SisterWriter get-together.

You're welcome. :)

Amy said...

I'll admit to being out of my league here, but I'm wondering if there's a way to use a sweet wine in the frosting? Whatever you come up with, I want a sample!!

Leigh said...

Hey Madz!

There's a winery in Gatlinburg, TN that has the BEST sweet, blackberry wine. I send a case to my closest friend (and get one for myself) every year. I'll shoot you a bottle to try. It's freaking unbelievable! And sure to get you the blue ribbon. :)

Big Hugs,

Maddie James said...

omg! Thanks for all the cool ideas you guys. Oh, and Leigh, I am such a blackberry freak! You rock!

Dann Saint Augustin said...

Make strawberry cupcakes with strawberry wine frosting. (Don't forget to use sliced strawberries in the batter and set a strawberry half on top with the strawberry wine frosting. And you could sprinkle pink sugar on top.)

Marshall, a big cupcake FREAK

talleybama said...

I think blueberries in the batter, with berry wine as the "water" would make the batter extra sweet. Use buttercream frosting tinted with a few sprinkles of blue food coloring so icing is a mixed color. Take extra blueberries, soak in the wine, then blot dry, roll in sugar and place on top of each cupcake. Should be a beautiful, different option. Blueberries are plentiful and it gets away from the colors used for the past holidays and upcoming Valentine's Day. Gives option of using red/pink next month.

Brenda (

Maddie James said...

Such great ideas! Sounds like the fruits are winning out which I suppose would be a natural with the wine. I love how much thought you guys are putting into it!

Any more ideas rolling around out there?

My new favorite wine is Agave wine (there's another post on her somewhere about it) and I've been considering how that might be something sorta different. But I dunno, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries... Yum.

Thanks, y'all!

Anonymous said...

how about substituting a sturdy Merlot or Burgundy for the vinegar in Red Velvet Cake for red velvet cupcakes?


Maddie James said...

Cheryl, were you just watching Paula Deen?!? She had red velvet cupcakes on tonight!

Great idea. Even watching it, the idea went right over my head....

Thanks. :)

Maddie James said...

Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions for the cupcakes! I think for now I'll stick with the dark chocolate-red wine-blackberry-strawberry-blueberry-agave-velvet cupcakes. Whaddaya say? :) Stay tuned and we'll see what I'll come up with. I'll post the recipe and pics the week before the 24th deadline.

Oh, and Amy? You won the drawing, sweetheart. I'll send you an email and you can let me know where to send your calendar! It's a beauty, too. It's got big pictures of fruit on it and everything... LOL