Saturday, January 31, 2009

Setting out on a Saturday...

Good morning. I'm feeling rather decadent this morning. In fact, I feel like I have run away. It feels rather cool. Free. Interesting. Bubbly and almost downright giddy. The sun is shining, the weather dry and crisp, and I'm taking off for a Saturday adventure.

I have been traveling for weeks and this weekend I decided I'm tired of getting on a plane and flying home. So, I didn't. I went AWOL. I didn't get on the plane. I'm still in Albuquerque and it's Saturday.

How unreal!

For all the days I've spent in New Mexico and Albuquerque, I'm rarely here on a Saturday. And guess what. I'm not working. Nope. Today, I play.

I'm not sure exactly what I will get into. I've heard the drive along the Turquoise Trail to Santa Fe is nice. Might do that. I'd kind of like to shop at Jackaloupe, too. Not sure I can squeeze them all in.

So today could be an adventure. I'm about to set out. I'm not thinking about work all day (tomorrow, said Scarlett, I'll think about that). So here I go...

I'm free! I'm free!
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