Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Just Released! Perfectly Matched

Now Available!


Book one in The Matchmaking Chef series

Suzie Matthews is busy working on her new cookbook, Perfectly Matched, when she asks the local “wallflower” to help her with her project in an attempt to bring the young woman out of her shell.

Mary Lou Picketts dreams of falling in love with country music star, Nash Rhodes, but knows she’d settle for Thurman Phillips down the street if she had to. But she doesn’t want to. Not really.

When Nash comes to Legend for a music benefit and stays at the lodge, Suzie wonders if she can perfectly match this miss-matched couple.

CATEGORY: Contemporary, Romance, Series
HEAT LEVEL: Sapphire

The Matchmaking Chef series is a spin-off of the Ladies of Legend Bookswww.legendtennessee.com

Resplendence Publishingwww.resplendencepublishing.com

More info coming soon!

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