Monday, February 09, 2009

Neurocranialdeclutterorbust Syndrome


Yes, this is how I feel. Actually, I felt more like that, oh, about three days ago. There are still lingering effects but am recovering.

There is too much clutter in my life. Way too much.

Likely, this has something to do with traveling so much of late. Since January 5 I have raced through ten different airports - a few of them multiple times - slept in five different states and nine different hotel chains, (slept in my own bed only six nights), and eaten in more restaurants, good and bad, than you can shake a stick at.

Might be one reason for the clutter in my head - and for the reason I've come down with a good case of flu-like symptoms, fever and chills and the like - and a severe case of brain exhaustion. Not to mention that I have feather allergies. Ever try sleeping in a hotel bed with down pillows and comforter when you have feather allergies? No matter if you ask the hotel to remove said offending items, the residuals are still there. Duck dander, or something. Puffy, water eyes and after a while, you're sick.

Not pretty.

But back to the cluttered-life-and-brain thing. There is an official word for it: Neurocranialdeclutterorbust syndrome. Simply put, either declutter your brain or end up busting your head upside a brick wall repeatedly until the clutter is out.

I'm there. About to bust my brain against the wall. Need proof? Well then, here you go.

How about the tax mess on my kitchen table?

Or the laundry pile on my bathroom floor?

Or the mail tossed aside on my short stays at home?

Or the home office reorg that never got off the ground?

And I won't even mention the day job backlog of email, projects run amok, and phone calls to return.

The result?

See, I told you. Neurocranialdeclutterorbust Syndrome.

So what to do about it? Bust my brain against the bricks or take action and simplify? Or, perhaps, let the brain veg for a couple of days and then take action. (some days I suffer from Scarlett O'Hara syndrome, too. You know, I'll think about that tomorrow...Hm, does this contribute to the clutter? Surely not...).

Anyway, sounds like a plan. Veg first, action tomorrow. Brain exhaustion and flu symptoms do require rest, yes? So let's pick this discussion back up in the morning, 'kay? I'm pondering some decluttering ideas and a few life simplication techniques.

Let's talk. Tomorrow.
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