Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still Cluttered

I am perplexed.

You see, I had the idea for my blog all planned out today - in my head. Which is cluttered. Remember?

Anyway, I was thinking that I would pluck the book on clutter that a friend gave to me a few years ago and quote some words of wisdom from it today. I knew right where it was, on the shelf beside of my desk. Likely stuck between a couple of writing books like What Jane Austin Ate and Charles Dickens Knew and Eats Shoots & Leaves.

But no. My clutter book wasn't there. Not on my desk. Not on my other shelf. Not on the living room shelf. Not. Anywhere.


Then I remembered the day my friend gave me the book. He had walked into my day job office and glanced around and said, "Oh, I see you are in the middle of a lot of projects." Duh, well, yeah. And there were piles. So what's new?

Later that day, after we had lunch and I'd gone off to a meeting, I came back to my office to find a book on my chair. He had visited a nearby bookstore, purchased this clutter book and simply left it there. (Yes, the nerve!) So, I opened the book and read what he wrote inside the front cover. It went something like this: Read the book and then give it away or you'll have more clutter.

I did read...some of it. I don't believe that I gave it away. But then...WHERE IS MY CLUTTER BOOK WHEN I NEED IT?

I have no clue. I can't even remember the name of it but I do think it is yellow. (and not the book shown above, although I absolutely love the title, don't you?)

I searched on Amazon and could not find a yellow clutter book. So I did the next best thing. I Googled.

So if you are at all interested in clutter books, here is a list.

But remember, if you buy it, then you have to get rid of it, because you'll have more clutter. Theoretically speaking.


Resplendence Publishing said...

Hey, the Kindle 2 is out now! Kindle those puppies!

:) Leigh

Devon Matthews said...

Funny title on the declutter book. I think I lost 5 lbs. cleaning out my closets right after Christmas. So, maybe there's something to it. ;o)

Maddie James said...

Yeah! I saw the Kindle 2 yesterday. Woohoo! I am sooo tempted.

Devon, you mean by decluttering you can lose weight? I mean, I could declutter and lose like, um, a hundred pounds of me? Whoa baby.... See you later.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Maybe you DID give it away and you just don't remember. I find that when I declutter and give a bunch of stuff away, I inevitably need something in the give away bag the MINUTE I put it on the Goodwill porch. After that, it's breaking the law. Very tragic.