Monday, March 09, 2009

The Iron Cupcake Winner for...Coffee!

No. It's not me.

And I really was not expecting it to be me.

But someday maybe, huh?

Check out this delicious-looking winner, however!

Here is how the baker describes her confection. "Banana cake, filled with caramel coffee custard and a piece of homemade smoked sea salt toffee, topped with coffee liqueur milk chocolate sauce, coffee liqueur latte buttercream and another shard of homemade toffee. I am barely able to describe to you the joy that this cupcake brought my mouth!"

Ah. Sweet Heaven. Yummers.

Bliss in a Paper Cup.

Here is the winner's blog if you want to take a look! Lots of good stuff there.

Next month's creation? Nuts and seeds.

Hm. Thinking...


Magdalena Scott said...

It's certainly a beautiful cupcake. Not sure about the smoked sea salt toffee, but everything else sounds great.

Maybe just put twice as much chocolate sauce on mine? Oh--you're not serving these today? Gotcha!

I look forward to your next recipe. Nuts and seeds sounds healthy.

Devon Matthews said...

Oh, Maddie. Sorry you didn't win. Though this does look pretty, I liked your oh-so-chocolate icing much better than this icing. Spoken like a true chocoholic. ;o)