Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A New Writing Gig

Hey folks, guess what. I've got a new writing gig. I'm excited and eager to tell you all about it.

Recently I applied and was accepted as a National Romance Novel Examiner for If you are not familiar with the site, check it out when you get a chance. It's chock full of current insider information on topics of all sorts.

I'm writing in the Arts & Entertainment Channel and will be providing a minimum of 4 romance novel related content pieces per week.

Yep. I said a minimum of four.

If you've hung around this blog much, you know that I run in spurts where I'm typing my little fingers off for days while my brain is overflowing with ideas, and then I have a dry spell when I can't get to the computer at all. Either that, or my brainpower has been all used up by the time I sit down to the computer to write.

But never fear, I will persevere.

I hope you will join me once in a while in my new digs. Some days I may cross-post content that I have previously posted here, other days not. I shall leave that up to whim and fancy. But nevertheless, the topic will always be romance.

So come check me out! I'm currently building my own page on Examiner. So be patient as I gather content and begin my journey there.


Devon Matthews said...

Congratulations, Maddie! But, honestly, I don't know how you do it all!

Maddie James said...

Hi Devon. Thanks for stopping by. It's called motivation (or insanity).
Really, it's helping put me one more step closer to a goal. A twenty-some year goal....