Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Writer's Weekend

This past Friday evening and all day Saturday, I spent time with my fellow Kentucky romance writers at a booksigning and writing workshop in Lexington, KY. What a wonderful couple of days to spend with like-minded people, catch up on the industry news (and gossip!) and spruce up on plotting techniques and writing mechanics.

I can home with a horrible cold and surely-to-goodness hope that I didn't share it with anyone, but the weekend was still a success, in my book! The workshop on the journey of a story by Red Sage editor, Alicia Rasley, was so beneficial to me. I loved hearing about National Bestselling Author Anya Bast's journey from epublishing to print, and Teresa Reasor's storyboarding techniques made so much sense!

I look forward to our next get-together! In the meantime, here is a scrapbook view of our weekend.


Devon Matthews said...

Thanks for the pictures, Maddie! Wish I could have been there.

Amy said...

Great pics Maddie! And it was good seeing you! Your presentation was excellent!