Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Adoption!

Wow. I'm both excited (almost giddy actually) and nervous at the same time. I've decided to adopt!
No, not a child. I'm not that insane. I'll stick with grandchildren at this stage of the game. But I could very soon become the (unexpected) Mommy to a little baby Calico kitty!
I've been thinking about a pet for a while. I've been thinking cat and dog. One of each. Probably not best to jump into both at the same time though. I figured the opportunity would present itself. You see, I believe that cats, in particular, find their owners. Somehow. I also believe that when I'm ready for the dog, she/he will come to me, as well.
Tonight, I received an email from my friend Jan, who knows I've been pondering this pet thing for a while. Her daughter, the vet, has a baby Calico kitten who needs a home, and well... Jan, is just sure that this kitten is mine.
So guess what. I think she IS mine.
Jan has even volunteered to check in on little miss Calico (who remains unnamed at the moment, that will come to me, too) the next couple of weeks while I'm traveling. That, my friends, is a good friend. :)
So I'm a teensy bit excited. Okay, more than a teensy bit. But just apprehensive about the next couple of weeks. I mean, bonding is important in the early stages of life and well, I really don't feel good about leaving the baby alone for a few days... Poor thing! But I do know that cats take good care of themselves.
But she's just a baby!
Okay, we'll work it out. And before we know it, she'll be a big Mama Calico just like this one.... (maybe, sorta...I haven't seen her yet so don't know exactly what she looks like).


Magdalena Scott said...

Well, this is news. What fun!

JM Madden said...

Congratulations! Want a baby chick to go with the cat? I'm overflowing.

Maddie James said...

Baby chick? Ah, noooo... Did you fall into the cute little baby chick Easter thing? :)

Or maybe you actually grow little ones into babies now that I think about it, since you're on a farm, etc...

At any rate, I'll leave the peeps to you. :)

Lisa L. Leibow said...

Good luck with your new addition.

I hope the pitter-patter of little paws brings you much joy.

Maddie James said...

Thanks, Lisa! I think the little one will bring me a lot of joy. My last pet was Miss Kitty Marie and we had her 12 years or more. I'm ready!

Kitten update: I will go get her tomorrow evening, after I get home from Phoenix, and after I pick up kitten food and kitten food and water bowls and little pan and litter and...

I think I may name her Caliope, but I'll know for certain after I see her and spend time with her.