Sunday, April 05, 2009

Advice and Discovery

As you know if you read yesterday's post, I love being out in my yard and watching the progress of my plants. I am such an amateur but I am learning. I add small additions each year but my landscape is slowly but surely making progress. I have so much more to do--I can envision my entire yard in my mind--but it will continue to be a work in progress.

Yesterday, neighbor George, who was doing a little landscaping of his own, offered up some advice that I thought I would share. Here goes:

Stop working before you are tired.
Eat before you get hungry.
And never work on Sunday.

I should heed that last one more often.

This morning I took another stroll through the yard. I'm not planning to do much work today, just take things at a leisurely pace. I made these discoveries.

I didn't know that vinca vines bloomed! This one has been growing voluntarily for about three years. First bloom I've seen. See it hiding there underneath the azalea?

I think this is basil. Not sure. I let some of the plants reseed themselves and I even saved some of the seed. It could be a weed. I'm not sure. But I am hoping for basil.

My chives and thyme are coming right along!

As is the chocolate mint I transplanted last year from around the pond at my parents' Ohio farm.

As is this Ohio violet, also transplated.

And the lemon balm I put out last year. Yes!

Then, where there were two, there are now three. Star lilies, a gift from George the neighbor, and Iris from my sister.

I love watching things grow.

Amateur gardening question of the day: When you buy a new hoe, is it the expectation that you must sharpen it when you get home? The one I bought yesterday appears might dull. Sort of defeats the purpose in chopping out those weeds... And then, if that is the expectation, how do I sharpen the darned thing?
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