Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cupcake voting is open!

This month's voting in the Iron Cupcake challenge is now open!

To vote, click here, and look for the name of this blog, Life, Unedited.

Here is a description of entry!

Long Island Tea Cupcakes, Kentucky Style. At first bite, the bourbon takes your breath away. Honestly! Bourbon, Rum and Triple Sec, along with Sierra Mist, provide the liquid for this yellow cupcake treat. The burnt brown sugar glaze, also made with Sierra Mist, give the cake the sugar kick it needs. I think this is my favorite to date.


Devon Matthews said...

Maddie, I went and voted. You have 4 votes so far. Good luck!

Magdalena Scott said...

Good luck in the voting, Maddie. Still hoping for Margarita cupcakes. Oh well, I'll pout while I vote.