Saturday, April 11, 2009

How do you spend your blog time?

I'll admit. I love to write. Hm, no secret there, huh?

And I very much enjoy writing my blogs, with one caveat - when I'm not rushed and my mind is not awash with ten thousand other things crowding the unwritten blog inside me into a wee corner of gray matter that begs to be let loose.

Like this week.

I really, really do like to write about the things that are happening in my life, rather than just posting an announcement or something. But often, I know that is what I end up doing and I can just hear my readers groaning. Or, maybe it's me groaning. Not certain.

At any rate, I decided to squeak a little blog time in today and write about the subject of not blogging when I though that first, I would sneak in a little blog reading time. I've been very remiss in that, too, lately.

So, I read all the blogs on my Blogs I Read section of this blog. I commented on most all of them. I got in the spirit of blogging. And then I realized a whole hour had gone by. An hour! Of writing time! And I'm on deadline!

But no matter. It is important to me to touch base with my writing friends via their blogs. And there are some excellent ones out there. Just check out the list on the right sidebar of this page.

At any rate, this is my blog today, about reading blogs, and writing blogs, and being the blog, etc....

And I wonder: How much time do you spend each day reading other people's blogs? Writing your own? Do you read and or write at the beginning of the day? Or when you are winding down? Just curious....

Have a wonderful Easter, my friends. The sun is shining today. Yes!

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