Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Loverly Day...

What a great day. Seriously. And one I needed to spend exactly how I spent it, with dirt under my fingernails.

Never mind that my head is stuffy now. Or, that I took two showers today to get rid of grass and sod and pollen from my skin and hair. Never mind that my eyes are itchy and my muscles achy. All of that is secondary. What's primary is that, number one, I was home today. And number two, it was a beautiful day and I worked in my yard.

Loved it.

About mid-way through the afternoon I showered and decided to head to Lowe's. I needed a new set of pruners and a hoe. Also picked up some more topsoil (seems I can always find a new place for topsoil) and another pot of phlox for the flower bed out front. While there, a friend texted me.

"What are you doing," he asked.

"At Lowe's. Yard work," I replied.

To which he added, "I hate yardwork."

"Actually, I find it relaxing."

"I find relaxing, relaxing," was his reply.

Oh well, I thought. I DO love digging in the dirt and taking care of my plants and yes! I do find it relaxing. Who knows why, I just do. Maybe it's because my dad's family were farmers. Perhaps growing things and taking care of them are just in my blood. At any rate, I don't care. I like dirt under my fingernails.

And this evening I feel quite accomplished, having:
  • mowed the lawn
  • pruned back dead rose stuff
  • also pruned my birch tree (thanks, neighbor George, for that suggestion!)
  • finished sprucing up a flower bed out front (planted the phlox there)
  • pulled some weeds from around the driveway and mailbox
  • put up a new trellis for the rose bush
  • raked up some dead grass
So, here you can see the new flower bed. Last weekend I replaced the old edging with new stone and made the circle just a little larger. I added new topsoil to fill up the empty spaces and the new phlox. I think I have enough phlox now. The other side has pansies and a bit of ivy. It's filling out quite nicely. I can't wait until it is in full bloom. Soon!

Here is the new trellis, too. The rose, despite my knowing nothing about taking care of a rose bush, is flourishing. I wish the previous owners of the house hadn't planted it so close to the house, and right next to a huge azalea, but hopefully it will be okay. I hate to try and move it. I'm sure I will kill it. So, I put the trellis in to hopefully urge it to grow upward (I'm not sure if it is a climber, or not) and stay away from the screen!

All in all, a very good day. Sigh. Tomorrow it rains... Guess I'll get busy on that deadline then, huh?
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