Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What happened to Spring?

I know it's out there somewhere. I saw it just a few days ago. One wouldn't think it though by the icy pellets hitting my office window.

Wait. There. A ray of sunshine.

A ray of sunshine is always a good sign, eh? Of course. And there it was.

For about half a minute.

Where do robins go when it snows? They have to be warming their tail feathers somewhere. Perhaps they are keeping warm from eating the grass seed I put out over the weekend.

Okay, I'll give them that. The grass seed had a purpose then. Go for it, babies!

I'm still worried about my budding plants. So sad. Please...please...come back. Bloom. And flower. Eventually.


Mother Nature is so feisty sometimes. I'm just hoping she is taking care of all the spring babies.

I'm sure if it. Aren't you?


Devon Matthews said...

Maddie, it's supposed to get even colder tonight. I'm right there with you in the worry dept. Everything here was just bursting into glorious bloom. I guess the next few days will tell the tale on what damage has been done. My poor rhododendren. It's been hit the past three springs. And all the tender sprouts just peeking out of the ground... oh, my.

Maddie James said...

Okay, slight change in perspective. I'm in North Dakota for a couple of days and I should not complain. They have snow piled up her 4 and 5 feet high! And it's melting. Which makes everything squishy. It was 40 here today and people are running around in tshirts. They say "it's hot today." Perspective. It's all about perspective, isn't it?

Jennifer Johnson said...

Oh, yes. I walked my kids to school this morning. It was 33 degrees. When we lived in MS, I would have considered 33 degrees hunker down weather. Now I think, "OH, GLORIOUS DAY!" What I hate is the cold and hot, cold and hot. Of course, I'll be complaining by July for a break in the heat, so...