Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yahoo woes: If one is good, then three must be better?

I woke up to 7,598 emails in my inbox this morning. Again.

Okay, sure, that's a bit of a stretch. Really, there may be only a couple of thousand. Still, it eats at my craw and makes my mouse hand grow tired. I see several minutes of delete, delete, delete in my immediate future.

So, someone tell me why, every once in a while, Yahoo saves up weeks worth of emails and decides, "Hey, lets flood Maddie's inbox. Again! We think it's cool and a funny little trick to play on her because, well, we don't want her to forget about us."

Hm. Does Yahoo know that I've switched over to gmail for a couple of my accounts?

And Yahoo is the culprit. It's evident. I used the scientific method to deduce this. Actually, I just looked at the emails coming in in droves. All Yahoo. Doubles, triples, etc... The singles are not Yahoo or Yahoogroup mail.

So, is it the Yahoogroups? Or just Yahoo itself. Is it my server? Hm. Could it be the way I have my email set-up? I don't think so. (Hence, the scientific method above.)

I shall ponder this, while I am deleting...

Anyone else have this problem? It's not a new thing, just suddenly a very frustrating and "I'm very tired of it" thing.

Update: 9:54 a.m. EDT -- 2,894 emails deleted.


Magdalena Scott said...

I don't think I've had doubles and triples of emails, but sometimes yahoo mail comes in chunks, which is a pain. My biggest frustration is that part of the time, yahoo thinks I'm spam. Some days when I sent an email to a yahoogroup, when I receive the email it goes into my spam folder. My own yahoo email thinks that yahoo email coming from me, to me, is spam. Does that make sense?

Maddie James said...

Spam is a weird thing, isn't it? Maybe that's why it comes in a can with a little screw-key top.