Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm free! Well, sorta... I'm on vacation!

No, I'm not at the beach, but I've thought about the beach a lot.

Nor am I in the mountains, although they do beckon.

A roller coaster ride might once have quelled my adventurous spirit... would have a trail ride up into the Rockies.

But that's not me this week. No. My vacation this week has been here. At home.

And I am enjoying ever single minute of it--even if it has included laundry, housecleaning, and a little gardening. But the best part of all, it has included writing, writing and more writing.

I get enough of air travel and road trips and hotel rooms in my everyday work world. I'm a very happy camper sleeping in my own bed at night.


And the best part is this! Because I worked solid this fiscal year without taking many vacation days, I get to do it again at the end of June and beginning of July--for TWO weeks this time!

I could get used to this.

Are you going anywhere on vacation this year?


Devon Matthews said...

Maddie, enjoy your leisure at home sweet home and your writing time! My only vacation this year will be a respite after such a long period of financial worries. We're finally beginning to see a little stability now with hubby's business! Yay! And that's the best vacation I could imagine for now.

Magdalena Scott said...

Maddie, turns out that I'm vacationing at your house. Looks like the ideal spot to me.

What's that? I'm not invited to vacation at your house? Oh. Well then...

Maddie James said...

Of course, Magdalena, you may come by anytime you like! But beware, wild kittens abound...

Devon, sounds you and your family are getting into a better place.I'm so glad about that. I think we all worry about this economy, which is one of the reasons I really don't want to spend extra money going on vacation this year. And besides, I can definitely use that writing time!

Jennifer Johnson said...


JM Madden said...

Home is the best place to be. Hubby comes home on the weekends, and we TRY to stay home as much as possible. He's like you, usually too pooped to do much.
Enjoy it.