Saturday, May 02, 2009

Running for the Roses...or something....

And...I'm off!

Okay. (sigh) I've been up for a while.

Cleaning. Food prep. Cleaning some more. Crap! I forgot to take a shower yet. What time are the kids coming? What time does the party start?

Did my son really say last night he and his wife are coming EARLY? Before NOON?

(deep breath)

Oh, okay. So maybe they will have to WATCH me clean. And perhaps my son can help me drag that cabinet to the garage...

Did I mention I'm STILL behind on my current manuscript? Like, past deadline? I hope my editor isn't reading...

At any rate, today I plan to post about Derby food. Yes, I'll post some recipes here and over at SisterWriter's today.

(huge exhale...)

I think. Stay tuned!

(okay, please forgive the cross-post between here and sisters, but as you can see, I'm racing toward the finish....)
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