Sunday, May 10, 2009

Savor a moment of peace this mother's day

They started early this morning, the Mother's Day greetings. Not from my children--they had visited last weekend and left cards and gifts, knowing that they wouldn't be here this weekend--but from many of my women friends. What is new and different, at least for me, is the format for the greetings, email and text messages!

I suppose as technology grows, so goes how we greet and connect with each other. I found every small "good wish" for the day refreshing and exciting, and very soon, I was on the bandwagon, myself.

I sent Mother's Day greetings to co-workers, my sister, a friend who lives out west, and my daughter. Of course they are not my mother (I called her!) but they are mothers, all the same, and it's nice to acknowledge this special day, from one mother to another, on this day.

I loved how most of the messages reflected wishes for having a quiet and peaceful day. I suppose that is what most of us want at times. Peace and quiet, relaxation, and time to leisurely do what we want. My mother said that to me, as well. She chose not to go to lunch with my father and my aunt, taking their mother to lunch, because she simply wanted to do what she wanted, today. I think that's pretty darned cool.

Today, I chose to sleep late, linger over the Sunday morning paper with coffee, try out a new recipe for Tortilla soup, and well, yeah, do a few chores, like laundry. Later I'll mow the lawn. Still, it's my choice and I'm doing it at my own pace, and it is truly peaceful and relaxing. (oh yeah, and I'm still in my jammies! I love that.)

So here you go, all you mothers out there, have a moment or two of peace on me today. Enjoy.

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