Thursday, July 23, 2009

And the answer is...

A yucca root!

Congrats to any and all of you who identified the mystery organ, er, root, er tuber, as a yucca because if you did, you win a free ebook of your choice! Also, if you were the 5th commenter, and you didn't say yucca, you also get a book (according to Check out my book list to the left and let me know which one you would like. Please send an email to and I'll shoot the book rightbackatcha!

Now to the rest of the story.

My friend Karen, from Omaha, and I travel quite a bit together for business. We are frequently in the desert and for years I've been saying that I want to bring a yucca plant home with me and she keeps saying I can't. The conversation goes something like this:

Maddie: Oh! There is some more yucca! I want to take a plant home with me.

Karen: You can't. We've been over and over this.

Maddie: But just a baby yucca? No one will ever know.

Karen: They are endangered. You can't take them across state line. Besides, we're on the reservation. You can't take plants off the reservation.

Maddie: Look at all of them! No one is going to miss a baby yucca. Look. Stop. There is one now at the side of the road.

Karen: We're not stopping for yucca alongside of the road.

Maddie: But we stopped and picked sage alongside the road, on the reservation, when you wanted some.

Karen: That's different.

Maddie: How so?

Karen: Just is. Trust me. I was married to an Indian.

Maddie, frowning, and failing to see the logic: Oh.

So, nevertheless, I never have taken a baby yucca home with me in fear of being nabbed at airport security for harboring concealed tubers and attempting to take them across state line.

Evidently you can mail tubers wrapped in plastic bags across state line just fine. Hm. I gotta catch myself up on all these laws....


Magdalena Scott said...

Congratulations to the winners!

And congratulations to Karen from Omaha, for knowing her rule book so well!


Jennifer Johnson said...

I misspelled it. Does that count against me? Do you know I actually got out of bed to see if I was right? Yeah!

Maddie James said...

Oh, spelling never counts here, Jennifer. Remember, we're "unedited" LOL. What book would you like, sweetie?

Jennifer Johnson said...

I'll email you!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Have to look and see which ones I already have!