Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Sunday. Missions Accomplished?

New day, new week. What did I do this past week? Did I accomplish anything of any significance?

I've been in such a reflective vein the past few weeks, I suppose it behooves me to reflect a bit here in this virtual diary, of sorts.

Let's see, Missions Accomplished:
  • In an attempt to organize myself somewhat, I started using my recently purchased Franklin Covey organizer. I learned that Franklin Covey products are designed after a book that Benjamin Franklin used to carry around with his goals, values, tasks, etc., written inside. Huh. I never knew that. I am going to spend more time with this system next week. When it comes to organization, lately it seems, anything will be good.

  • I attended a training seminar to complete a credential that I had previously achieved and let lapse. Hm. Methinks that also speaks to the lack of organization in my life of late...

  • I came home and reorganized all the training materials for the previous seminar with the one I took this week. This organization thing is getting into my head big time! I wonder when it will hit with housekeeping...?

  • I read my horoscope and also did a Tarot card reading on Facebook and both of those things tell me that I'm in transition and that better stuff is coming. I have to wonder if it is now because I will be more organized? I hold Facebook Tarot care readings in the highest regard, you know.

  • I took a down day yesterday and kicked back, although I did write about 3000 words last night. Need to do at least that and more today.

  • I posted several interviews and a bestseller list on my Examiner column this week. Finally! Celebrate! (I've had a difficult time getting there to post of late. Hm.) You might be interested in some of those author interviews. Slide by if you get the chance. Here is the link.
So, it seems, the theme of the week was organization. I am hoping that will continue to carry over to next week, because I'm taking yet another week of vacation to do just that. I have a friend who keeps saying, "Get away! Go to the beach or something! Use all of your hotel and American Express points and have a little vacation!" Nice thought but no. I am looking very forward to being home and getting several things accomplished on my 'to do' list. Top priority is finishing the current work-in-progress. I'm setting a goal of Monday evening. Hold me to that, okay?

Let's see. Organization. Yes. Let's keep that in mind.

I'm off to write. Talk soon! And check back to see my progress. I need for you (or Ben Franklin) to hold me accountable.

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